Blue Ivy LSO *Hybride*

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Blue Ivy is a lovely-looking marijuana souche that has been named after Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter. It’s a cross between Indica and Sativa, with an obvious Indica influence.

The name of this flower, Blue Ivy, was inspired by the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s famous child. This hybride has a euphoric and mood-altering smoke that may make you feel creative and energetic, but it might also cause you to abandon your responsibilities.

The Blue Ivy strain was created by TGA in the year 2016, and is a fragrant and beautiful strain that was dubbed after Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first kid. Since then, Blue Ivy has amassed a large following owing to its balanced nature and uplifting qualities.

Blue Ivy is a dark green plant with Blue Dream and OG Kush‘s legendary parent strain that is the result of Blue Dream and OG Kush. This skunky bloom is frequently used as a medical cannabis strain, especially for mood disorders such as severe depression, persistent anxiety, and pain.


Blue Ivy is a hautTHC strain with great uplifting effects. She’s the type of bud that will make you feel inspired and rejuvenated, ready to take on anything. This hybrid provided a full-bodied calmness combined with a soothing yet energetic cerebral effet that makes you want to get out and socialize with those who are close to your heart.

Blue Ivy will keep you focused and clearheaded while smoking this type, and there’s a good chance that it’ll make you want to eat. Despite the thick cloud, Blue Ivy will allow you to stay focused and clear headed, and your hunger is likely to be stimulated.

Blue Ivy will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, and you will notice that you will have a harder time holding on to negative thoughts as you lean back and enjoy your high. You will feel content and happy on this variant, and it will leave you in a general state of contentment.


The smell of Blue Ivy is both beautiful and enticing. You will notice a sticky, skunky odor dominating the scent as soon as you come into contact with this strain. Other scents detected in this flower include herbal and pepper undertones, which are complemented by a general pungent character.

Les saveurs

Blue Ivy’s flavor is fruity and sweet, according to users. This delectable cross is not only effective but also flavorful. There’s a distinct berry and blueberry taste on the inhale, which changes into a somewhat pungent and earthy aftertaste on the exhale.

Adverse Reaction

Blue Ivy isn’t a strain that should be smoked when heavy equipment is required, as it might be quite powerful and weigh heavily on the body. When smoking this strain, you’re most likely to feel parched, owing to a dry mouth being a typical adverse effect.

Blue Ivy can make your eyes feel dry and itchy, so keep some eye drops on you. You may experience a heavy dizziness whenever you’ve overused the dosage. Blue Ivy can also make your eyes feel dry and irritated, so keep some eye drops on hand. In rare circumstances, when taking this well-balanced hybrid, you might experience a little paranoid or nervousness.


However, its primary advantages are in the treatment of melancholy. Although it has a variety of medical uses, Blue Ivy’s main assets are in mental health rehabilitation. Even the most severe frown may be reversed with regular use of this flower, which is quite capable of turning even the most gloomy thoughts inside out.

Blue Ivy is one of the most common and successful treatments for chronic and excruciating headaches, according on many people. It has been prescribed and advised by many doctors due to its effectiveness, as well as its low risk of negative effects compared to traditional headache medication.

Blue Ivy may also assist those who have trouble controlling their chronic stress. There is no assurance that this will work for everyone battling stress, but it is worth a try if you are feeling stressed out. If you suffer from insomnia or minor aches and pains, Blue Indigo can help you get a better night’s sleep while reducing discomfort.

With so little information on Blue Ivy’s genetics – the only known livraison was courtesy of defunct California dispensary 661 Medical thus far – we have limited knowledge of optimal practices for growing the crop. Because seeds aren’t commercially available, would-be growers will need to obtain clippings from mature, healthy plants of Blue Ivy in order to create genetically identical “clones.” Indica-dominant characteristics make indoor growth very likely, as plants are expected to develop short and bushy with wide lateral branching.

To promote flowering buds on lower branches, “topping” the plants by removing broad fan leaves helps to stimulate light and air. In about 9 to 10 weeks, Blue Ivy’s parent strains blossom. Growers may anticipate moderate to high yields from their crop – OG Kush typically produces 45 grams of flower per square foot of plant, whereas Blue Dream generates 56 grams per square foot. Because it has a strong odor, Blue Ivy might be a pungent grow, and users should invest in carbon air filters if they want to keep their indoor operations concealed.

Blue Ivy’s excellent genes and inventive taste have the ability to spread across the country, despite its origins on the West Coast. It’s just what you need to wind down after a long and stressful day alone or with close friends.

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