Durban 95

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Durban 95 is a Sativa-dominant cannabis souche named after the South African city where it was developed and cultivated. This award-winning Sativa has a unique citrus flavor with a hint of hashish. This is a strain that has been around since the 1970s. It has an earthy scent with notes of spicy citrus and peppermint, as well as a distinct “dank” smell when exhaled through the mouth. When breathed out, this marijuana smoke smells sweetly herbal; it’s piney and peppery at times!

Durban 95 is a well-liked strain because it’s popular to try marijuana while smoking out of glass or ceramic pipes or bubblers (water pipe). You’ll be startled by just how far you can stretch your thinking. It’s currently one of our top sellers due to its strong tastes and capacity to make consumers energetic rather than sedated or sleepy, which is fantastic if you want something more productive from your haut!

Keep in mind that Durban 95 is a strong strain. The effects may endure for many hours or even longer, depending on the user’s tolerance level. It gives people a euphoric sensation, which might result in tiredness or lack of motivation, so don’t plan anything while under its influence!

To produce ethereal effects, no complex genetic cross-breeding is necessary; if you ever get the chance to smoke a genuine-to-type landrace Durban, you’ll understand that it provides one of humanity’s most pleasant – and healing – highs. Durban 95 is a classic that never goes out of style. With only a few other strains in its lineage that have endured through time, it may be called an archetypal cannabis plant.

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