Royalty Rosin Flower Rosin


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[‘No description available.’]Our brand is all about elegance and royalty – its’ in the name! Here at Royalty Rosin, we take AAAA+ British Columbian grown craft-cannabis and turn it into pure, solvent-less rosin and ice hash. What makes rosin so special is the process in how it is extracted – rosin is essentially made by a combination of two factors, which are heat and pressure. Just the perfect amount of heat, and intense, hydraulic pressure help to extract all the juicy, resinous THC, terpenes and cannabinoids without the use of any solvents such as alcohol, butane or other gases. The final result is a high terpene full spectrum extract that is all-natural, rivaling the flavour profile of any other concentrate out there!


Flower Rosin


1 Gram


<1.5% THC CONTENT 69%-72%


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