Rotten Runtz Strain

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Rotten Runtz is a cross between two different strains of cannabis. We’re still getting to know the tastes and effects of Rotten Runtz, so if you’ve tried it before, leave a review describing your experience.

At times, a strain emerges that is just too unique to keep to oneself; this is unquestionably the case with Rotten Runtz. Any serious marijuana user has heard of Runtz, but this cultivar goes above and beyond. An autoflowering strain developed from some exceptionally potent genetics comes from the team. If you’re looking for sweet, delicious tastes and aromas as well as an incredibly calming high powered by insane potency, consider adding Rotten Runtz to your garden and bong. Let’s see why Rotten Runtz is such a standout.

Rotten Runtz, on the other hand, fuses indica and sativa in equal measure to produce a deeply gratifying high (but more on that later). With THC levels often reaching 23%, this automobile is no joke.

Your Rotten Runtz is going to take your high-THC marijuana strain to the next level. With both parents being so dedicated to flavor and fragrance, you might be under the impression that this combination would be overpowering. However, that isn’t the case! Not only does Rotten Runtz deliver a punch in terms of taste, but she also has the looks and hybrid vigor to match! When it comes time for harvest, her dense, forest-green buds will be overflowing with resin, and the foliage may take on a fantastic purple color that makes her ideal for any occasion.

Rotten Runtz has all of the characteristics you’d want in a perfect cannabis strain: huge yields, rapid development times, and fantastic flavor. This combination of qualities, combined with a quick growing time, makes it hard to find reasons not to grow Rotten Runtz. This strain is already meeting a lot of criteria thanks to its great taste, aesthetic appeal, and potent strength.


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