Morocco is recognized for producing some of the finest hash in the globe. It has a long and illustrious history with hash that dates back many centuries, and this area of the planet has been called the Mecca of Hashish since time immemorial. The Moroccan Love hash is comprised of 100 percent organic and organically grown cannabis plants that are indica dominant. The texture is rigid and inflexible to the touch. It has a faint campfire smell with a hint of earthiness and sweetness, which users enjoy. The initial high goes directly to your head before working its way down to your body, where it has relaxing and soothing effects. You can buy Real Imported Moroccan Love Hash at our online store.

What is Hash?

Hash, or hashish, is a kind of cannabis concentrate that has been used for over 900 years. Hash may be traced back over 900 years in the Middle East, Egypt, India, Iran, Morocco, Nepal and Pakistan before reaching Europe in the 18th century. Hashish is a preparation made from the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids, as well as various quantities of the flower and leaves. The trichomes are crushed using heat to form a firm yet malleable cake or brick that is brown or red in color. Hash is usually smoked via smoking a pipe, bong, joint, or vaporizer, and contains THC levels ranging from 15 to 25 percent.


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