Platinum Pink *Indica*

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Platinum Pink ‘s versatile effects may also be useful for medical cannabis patients. Its numbing effect can help relieve mild to moderate stress and depression symptoms. It can also assist individuals suffering from attention deficit disorder in maintaining focus on any tasks at hand in certain situations. Platinum Pink Kush can help with a wide range of physical issues, from chronic and disease-related pain to minor inflammatory irritations. Even though this strain may be head-focused, it does not frequently produce recursive, paranoid ideas, making it suitable for individuals who are prone to panic or have a low THC tolerance.

Platinum Pink Specifications

  • Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Relax
  • Medical Usage: Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety
  • Flavors: Candy, Flowery, Skunky
  • THC Content: 21 – 27%
  • CBD Level: >1%
  • Genetics: LA Confidential & Cannadential
  • Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • Texture: Master Kush & an Afghan landrace indica
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Paranoia, Dizzy, Slurred speech, Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Platinum Pink is a version of the popular plant, and its name comes from the silvery sheen that covers the lime green of these buds. Platinum Pink is a clone-only strain known for its unique citrusy flavor profile. She’s likely made up of Master Kush and an Afghan landrace indica, with some claiming it’s Master Kush and Mendo Purps. The father is Apothecary Genetics’ top OG Kush male. According to reports, Platinum Pink OG has a THC content between 17 and 24 percent.

Platinum Pink Kush has a slow, crawling effect that takes 15 minutes or more to manifest after individuals have finished coughing on its smoke. Effects eventually become apparent as a throbbing around the eyes and forehead. This feeling quickly spreads down the neck and throughout the body, putting users in a daze. Users commonly report altered sense of touch as well as an alteration in sensory perception apart from a abrupt widespread relaxation. Visual and aural amplification is typical, as well as strange hallucinatory experiences such as distorted depth perception or a strong sensation of time dilation. Smokers of Platinum Pink Kush may perceive that the power of this strain’s sedative and psychedelic effects causes their thoughts to acquire a more elevated tone after they become accustomed to its hypnotic and psychedelic potency.


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