Pink Slayer OG *Hybrid*

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Pink Slayer OG’s THC concentration is between 18 and 22 percent. Some strains might have up to 1% CBD, CBG, or CBN, which may contribute to the strain‘s soothing effect. You can buy Pink Slayer OG *Hybrid* at our online store.

The woody, earthy base of Pink Slayer OG is complemented with distinct, sweet berry tones. The buds have a pungent citrus scent that has vanilla overtones. On lower settings, you’ll notice delicate undertones of pine and spice from the pinene and beta-caryophyllene in Pink Slayer OG.

Pink Slayer OG is popular among marijuana patients for its long-lasting high, pleasant taste, and capability to relieve pain and anxiety. Pink Slayer OG, which boosts hunger, is also recommended by MMJ doctors to individuals suffering from nausea. You’ll definitely get hungry; prepare some nutritious snacks beforehand.

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