• 1000mg THC in 30ml MCT oil.
  • One dropper-full (1ml) contains approximately 30mg THC.

THC tinctures have a wide range of applications, but it’s best to start low and slow when administering. Increase your dosage gradually each day for a few days before testing the THC. Place the droplets in different locations throughout the day; for example, we’ve been told that taking half in the morning and half at night is advisable. It’s been said that placing THC tinctures under your tongue to dissolve is one of the finest methods. Typically, cannabis consumers are advised to wait a few minutes before swallowing the THC for best absorption. If you don’t like the flavor, consider adding it to foods or beverages. This bottle includes a 1ml dropper, making it simple to use and distribute the tincture. You can buy Omega THC tincture 1000mg online at out store.

Tincture droppers offer distinct advantages over other methods of administering medical cannabis/cannabinoids. A 30ml bottle with an easy to use droplet application allows you to administer a precise dose sublingually into the mouth. The oral mucosa absorbs cannabinoids rapidly and consistently. Unlike cannabis edibles, this product goes through the digestive system and liver only once; it is not converted into a metabolite. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular natural therapy that has been used for a variety of ailments. It’s one of the 104 chemical compounds identified as cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.


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