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Maui Wowie *Sativa*

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Amount: 1/8oz (3.5g), 1/4oz (7g), 1/2oz (14g), 1oz (28g)
FlowerInfused FlowerSativa

Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

This beautiful, fragrant sativa from the tropical shores of the Hawaiian islands, is famous for its high-energy happiness. Maui Wowie is a powerful stress-buster, that together with its fruity-exotic scent, will transport you straight towards an imaginary relaxing beach, to unwind and enjoy your high.

Maui Wowie is originally from the Hawaiian island of Maui, where it was created in a volcanic, pacific climate, and thus carries the unmistakable pineapple sweetness these stunning Pacific islands are known for. Maui Wowie was developed from a Hawaiian sativa, this baby came from the vintage 60’s and 70’s and is so legendary that it never left.

This is also why it prefers to be cultivated in a similar environment, for it to truly thrive. Maui Wowie brings in the same kind of mood you can expect from any island experience – it boasts of a distinct island flavor, with a light energetic sativa effect, while being an effective and powerful tranquilizer and mood-elevator.


Maui Wowie has a very loyal fan following, due to its full-on tropical island vibe. This pineapple bud is known for being a strong motivator, allowing you to stay focused on your job, while enjoying a unique influx of creativity and inspiration.

This sativa is a happy-go-lucky strain that will put you in the best possible mood. Maui Wowie will make you delve into a colorful euphoric state, and have you think up unique and inspired ideas. A burst of energy is almost immediately noticeable, and it will have you smiling for the next few hours.

Maui Wowie has also long been a crowd favorite because it is so effective in wowing you and making you feel like bouncing around, while at the same time relaxing your mind, and plunging you deep into a state of having zero worries. It is like allowing your head to take an inspired and motivated vacation, with all the perks you can imagine.


This perfect daytime strain has an aroma that will wake you up with just one whiff. Maui Wowie smells like a basket of citrus, a sweet and lovely persistent fragrance that will hang in the air for the rest of the day. This sativa smells very sweet and earthy, and is especially pleasant in all its tropical glory.


Maui Wowie is beautifully tasty too. This mellow yellow sativa will make you think of fresh pineapples, a distinct fruity taste that can only stem from a strain that originated on a tropical island. Maui Wowie reminds of citrus fruits and a forest full of trees, and its smoke has a lovely, creamy tone that will coat the inside of your mouth.

Adverse reactions

This hawaiian beauty has a very short list of side effects, mostly causing a case of cottonmouth, which is often accompanied by the feeling of having dry eyes. Some may feel a slight headache after smoking Maui Wowie, although in most cases this usually just means a mild headache.

Some may experience a slight bout of dizziness, coupled with an occasional feeling of paranoia. Maui Wowie ultimately is very smooth, and will eventually make you feel sleepy enough to take a nap.


Maui Wowie is a popular medical strain that is prescribed for its many relaxing properties. This sativa is an easy smoke for even occasional workers, and isn’t overwhelming in any way.

It is also undoubtedly effective in the fight against depression, and other anxieties. Maui Wowie is effective even for those suffering from other mental health issues, reducing panic attacks in those who are affected by PTSD and instilling focus in patients of ADD/ADHD.

For patients who are struggling to cope with symptoms of fatigue, Maui Wowie could be the answer to all their prayers. Pain sufferers can also find much relief in the regular use of this sativa, even those suffering from more minor pain issues such as headaches and migraines.


This strain is popular among growers too because it is so highly resistant to pest and diseases, making it a real breeze to cultivate. When growing Maui Wowie outdoors, it is best to do so in a balmy, warm and sunny tropical climate, resembling the environment it proudly hails from.

Strain spotlight

Additional information


  • Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting
  • Medical Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress
  • Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Pineapple, Sweet
  • Aromas: Citrus, Earthy, Fruity, Sweet
  • THC Content: 20%-28%
  • CBD Level: 0.55%-0.90%
  • CBN Level: 0.10%-0.70%
  • Genetics: Hawaiian sativa
  • Type: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
  • Adverse reactions (negative): Paranoid, Anxious, Dizzy, Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth


  1. editor

    Smoked a bowl of this and got inspired enough to clean my entire house. I felt incredibly accomplished and rewarded myself by eating a whole chicken. Most active day I’ve had in a while. If you can get your hands on this divine strain, you are one lucky individual.

  2. editor

    Honestly there’s no way to describe this, you need to feel it for yourself. If I HAD to describe it, I’d say “It feels like being in a kangaroo’s pouch while it’s jumping.” Great smoke!

  3. editor

    Woah. A really distant high. The come-on feels like I’m being pulled back from the neck with tingly stomach butterflies when you’re excited about good news. Chilling waves of numbness course over my upper torso. I can’t get over how distant the head-space is. It also significantly skews your perspective on life. It’s a competent high, keeping you in control all the time. Quite cool and easy to gel with…comfortable. Everything is super enjoyable! Man, this is a potent high! Lasts for a long time at a high intensity. Head buzzing. Every one of my 5 senses is noticeably heightened! Music is completely encompassing – you reside deep within it. Songs are more thrilling and emotionally moving…consistently fresh, compelling, and at the peak – unbearably exciting (as good, if not better than Bubba). You can literally FEEL yourself hear sound. Music cascades down your ear canal in a most alluring, sexy way. Has a similarly long, but more heavy and suppressed comedown that’s not disabling.

  4. editor

    If everyone in the world smoked this, there would be no wars. It’s very hard to be angry when experiencing this strain’s effects. The only downside is the high doesn’t last long and it’s potency is light so you’ll burn through your supply fast. Every smoker should try this if they get a chance.

  5. editor

    Hands DOWN my favorite. Happiness, euphoria…When you see this in reviews, it is no exaggeration

  6. editor

    Maui Wowie is a Sativa that has been good enough for long enough that it is a classic always worth enjoying. Kelly green & dark purple buds had rust orange pistils with short white hairs on the outisde & crystal trichomes on the inside. Sweet lavender, fruity, & citrus was the smell & taste. Effects made me happy & energetic with calmness. Stay Elevated!!

  7. editor

    had a chance to go see a band i liked with about 2000 or so other folks in maui about 2 decades ago and while we were there, i hada buddy named eric, he had friends back on the mainland who had friends up country maui and lo and behold a few phone calls and we got the primo growers reserve. im glad the genetics remain intact to produce wonderful extracts and concentrates. it really is good for what ails ya. the whole plant, i mean not just a certain part they deem ok to consume. seriously. think about. scientists don’t smoke cannabis. we do. again, i give credit to paul dinello for that last bit. but it is as true now as it was then.

  8. editor

    I suffer from depression, and severe anxiety.I start smoking the maui waui, and turn on the Techno Music, and I start writing and singing. This is my Dream strain of cannabis. Lemon haze does this song writing for me as well.

  9. editor

    Like this oldie but goodie. The high was your average Sativa bust of energy. What wasn’t average to me was the taste and smell. Very strong fruity, flowery, & tropical scents and taste. Very pleasing to smoke. Scratch Maui Waui from my marijuana bucket list 🙂 PEACE

  10. editor

    Once I got my Michigan Medical Marijuana card, I was delighted at the many and varied strains and cannabis products that became readily available. This September will mark my 50th anniversary of enjoying the weed. In the 80’s, Maui was available as The Top of the line in weed, purchasable at a higher price. So, when I saw it available at a local dispo, it was with great excitement that at first glimpse, it resembled the hairy orange bud. To my added delight, The Taste was there! So, when I can get it, I do, just for the taste flashback! Wowee!

  11. editor

    I tried this strain and I highly recommend it to anyone that has trouble with relaxing or tension headaches. I had both at the time and within a half hour both were gone.

  12. editor

    Love the REAL Maui Waui. Although beware, most dispensaries that say they have Maui Waui are usually cut with various other strains. Very few of them are true Maui Waui.

  13. editor

    Just picked up a couple grams from the Trinity dispensary in Peoria Il and its just as good as the stuff I had in California. Perfect for stress and anxiety, nice fruity smell and flavor.

  14. editor

    Fruity like blue raz. Reminds me of a grape NOW AND LATER.. Yummy! Great sativa buzz.

  15. editor

    The best weed I have smoked. It’s lovely. Burns beautiful. Smells lovely. Not overly pungent. Light on the piney. Soothing. Mellow creative drifting high. Expensive to get here in NY. 90 for an 1/8 the but worth every penny.

  16. editor

    This is top shelf old school Maui Wowie!!! I thought I plugged my finger into a socket and was super charged! This was awesome to smoke! Highly recommend!

  17. editor

    I love this strain, trying to find the right genetics? Has anyone found them

  18. editor

    This strain is unbelievably good. Harvested some a week or two ago and tried it for the first time in my vaporizer and BOOM!!! it literally to all of my worries away. The taste is very sweet and tropical.

  19. editor

    First time trying Maui Wowie and it took the anxiety totally away very relaxed like I climbed out of my shell took about 50% 60% of pain the way have very bad spinal damage headache subsided lower lumbar somewhat neutral thanks again Bud gods!!!

  20. editor

    Maui Wowie is a Sativa that has been good enough for long enough that it is a classic always worth enjoying. Kelly green & dark purple buds had rust orange pistils with short white hairs on the outside & crystal trichomes on the inside. Sweet lavender, fruity, & citrus was the smell & taste. Effects made me happy & energetic with calmness. Stay Elevated!!

  21. editor

    Nice flavor enjoyed itand still was able to do my daily work outside.its a wowie alright.

  22. editor

    This is a classic 1=3 hit wonder. It does not take long to realize it has you. Stimulating if not euphoric then you have taken to much only to realize you are really stoned and it will last for several hours. Take your time with this one, don’t hurry feel your way through it and rnjoy.

  23. editor

    Pain relief yes, fresh hash wtg, Pineapple is strange it is like I am smoking a fruit. And floating along as if on a boat!!!

  24. editor

    Maui Wowie~ Sweet citrus smelling. Burns with clouds. Smoothing throat feeling. This could cause some to have bad flash backs, like brother Bruce Banner “Tynolel #3.” With Mai Waui less than 90 minutes you are logical enough to drive or work while still experiencing pain relief. May increase sex drive for some. Maui Wowie would be more controlled as the initial high comes down. Experience is subjective. However, this is “Like a shot of morphine.” Would be good for those in severe pain and distress. Caution when driving suggested. However, I am not a doctor.

  25. editor

    I’m really starting to like it as I just finished smoking a blunt it’s creeping on me .

  26. editor

    This one kind of blew me away. Amazing taste, plus a really buzz-worthy sativa energy. I was worried it might be a little middle of the road, perhaps like Hawaiian (which I wouldn’t buy again, just because of its strongly average high), but it was far from it. This one is a definite winner; high energy high, good euphoria and a confident, get things done kind of smoke. Love it!

  27. editor

    Great choice for daytime or creativity. Smell and taste are amazing! You should give it a try! The buds are very small is the only bummer.

  28. editor

    This bud is for you… Only if you are looking for great taste and nice sweet aroma…. look no further this is everything I was looking for in a sativa …

  29. editor

    I have to say that this is now on my top 10 list, great taste, nice sweet aroma, it is all around a Beautiful bud …..

  30. editor

    Great smell & look but not nearly as potent as i would have thought. Mellow buzz is all. I’m guessing if its not directly from Hawaii it can’t really be recreated. Disappointing. C+

  31. editor

    Maui has a great, “positive” feeling in the high. Not overly strong, I enjoy this strain during the daytime. Not too racy and not too sedating make this my perfect hybrid.

  32. editor

    I smoke this strain any time I want to feel tropical. I love the fruity flavor and the exotic nature of this strain! The effect has always been a bit weak for my taste, but it’s definitely an enjoyable strain to puff on for an evening. It makes great vapor too!

  33. editor

    Maui Waui. what the fuck, this bud is amazing and erybooody should try it. the taste is as if a kiwi and strawberry fucked and had a kid, then a mango and a pineapple fucked and had a kid, and those kids fucked and had a kid and they made a maui waui fruit bud, but seriously this shit is some of the nicest shit ive smoked in a while. gets yo mind runnin down the mofuckin street and got you light as a feather. the body high is euporiaic and you gonna crap yo pants. yoou gonna get horny as fuck, but im horny whenevr i smoke any bud. so buy this shit as soon as you can if you tryna have a good time. -_- have fun 🙂

  34. editor

    This is among a handful of our best-ever weeds for sex. Like the other sativas that are amazing for sex (ATF, Strawberry Cough), Maui Wowie provides energy but removes anxiety and let’s you relax your nerves and lower your inhibitions at the same time that it heightens sensations. Have only seen it once. Would love to try it again. We are 50-somethings who vape and have sex pretty much daily. All our reviews focus on our experiences mixing cannabis and sex. We only rate after using an oz so the reviews give a well-rounded impression that captures a strain’s potential, downsides, and typical effects.

  35. editor

    I suffer from acute anxiety and manic depression. I’m actually experiencing the effects of this treat right now and I smoked it hours ago, however, it still ticks on (not in a bad way either.) It’s energetic, uplifting, yet calming, relaxing and soothing. Your body feels like a calm summer night with warmth and happiness. You feel as though you are very positive, you wish to do activities, like review your favorite strains of marijuana. It’s taste is the best, I love it. Very tangy, light, mango? It has a distinct taste and smell to it that you will enjoy. There is nothing I can say bad about this strain; it has become one of my favorite strains. Small nuggets, light colored green with light colored hairs. Enjoy!

  36. editor

    Vaping this for migraines and Arthur. Excellent strain. I no longer taking the Tromidol which is a narcotic prescribed by my physician who is clueless to natural healing. It wasn’t an immediate removal of those meds, it was a slow reduction until now where that prescription is no longer needed. I am very productive and not stoned. Just happy I don’t hurt and am clear headed.

  37. editor

    Not overpowering. Its still easy to function, and you can tune into and out of the high. One i would recommend to people new to being stoned in public.

  38. editor

    This is my all time favorite strains, I rarely give strains a 5 but this is definitely the best strain I have ever had. I can do anything I could do sober, and even more. fixed my car at 9pm with it, I now have a working/clean car, the car takes me to the grocery store, the grocery store gives me food, food gives me life; therefore, this weed has saved my life.

  39. editor

    I am typically an Indica guy who is extremely sensitive to Stativa. I have been known to throw up or have TERRIBLE trips. However, just one hit from a vape pen on Maui Waui and I feel amazing! It’s like my brain is super awake and my body is getting a heavy massage. Tingling all over my body. Music sounds amazing and it feels like the sound waves are hitting my face! I feel super fun and creative while extremely focused on whatever my current task is (however, I found my mind wondered off a ton…but I was still super focused on whatever I was looking at). Overall it was the most amazing body high with an extremely adventurous mind high. I found it helped my mind A TON (I’m Bipolar) as well as any pains on my body. Great GREAT stuff!

  40. editor

    Energy boost! And creative energies flowing throughout! My vibrations were very high with this one, I cleansed and activated my crystals during and have never felt such a positive and light vibration from one strand. Extremely pleased! And tasty!

  41. editor

    Great high, takes care of about 70% of my chronic leg pain. Long lasting, tastes good. Best I have found out of the 50 or so strains I have tried in the past 8 months. ‘HIGHLY’ recommended!!

  42. editor

    A lot like Durban Poison to me. Light and uplifting. Heavier than Durban, though. Still pretty functional but totally zen and calm. Enjoy this strand thoroughly and I suffer from Major anxiety.

  43. editor

    This is my absolute favorite vape cartridge. I typically prefer indicas but the effect of this combined with flavors made me a sativa fan! The taste is similar to taking a sip of an island rum drink, delicious! The pain relieving properties kick in fairly quick: I’m not sure that if it reduces pain or somehow allows me to not focus on the pain. My pain is significant so that’s quite a feat! Mental clarity is good so I can have less pain and be motivated to get things done! I love the other moxie flavors but for me, this one is my favorite!

  44. editor

    My absolute favorite, so far. I’m not a huge fan of mind-fucky types of weed, I’m more of the “relax and chill” kind of gal. I couldn’t handle Trainwreck. This I can. I feel like I’m in a warm bubble but am still aware of things around me. My anxiety doesn’t go through the roof like with other strains. I like it better than Blue OG, which I also loved, and Grape Ape, which was also good. How nice to have something the older generations favored as my all time favorite. Guess I really do have an old soul!

  45. editor

    First 10 i’ve given out on this site. This particular batch has made me now appreciate why this stuff is considered legendary. I’ve heard people talk about this stuff like it’s gold. Once i finished the joint, i was warm and fuzzy all over, with a crystal clear head high. Made me happy to be alive, removed every ounce of stress that was lingering, and aroused all the senses. You’re a nice even combo of baked and high. once it’s done, it tapers off slowly leaving you relaxed and ready to roll.

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