The 900mg or 300mg THC Tincture from London Donovan contains 910 milligrams of cannabis tincture. This oral usage medical cannabis dropper bottle has a convenient dosage design. These droppers only contain the best THC distillate, which is always tested at or above 92% THC according to our rigorous testing facility. You can buy London Donovan THC OIL at our online store.

It’s critical to note that with this tincture, you’ll receive a GENUINE dose of THC. This method necessitates the use of expert lab analysis in order to ensure that each tincture contains the precise amount of THC as advised by the label. The MCT oil base and sunflower lecithin are used in this tincture. It enables cells to absorb cannabinoids more readily by including sunflower lecithin into the tincture. This item allows you to create edibles at home without having to make the active component yourself.

Another method for administering THC is sublingually, which entails putting these drops under your tongue and holding for 30 to 60 seconds so that the THC may be absorbed via the mucous membranes and delivered straight to the circulation. Chronic pain is one of the most common uses for THC. This product can be used in addition to CBD Isolate droppers to achieve the entourage effect and restore homeostasis.


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