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[‘No description available.’]Lemon Thai is an uplifting sativa that is perfect for those days that you need some encouragement and a extra happy, creative spark. Originally bred by Dutch Flowers, this sativa has deep roots within cannabis culture and was created by fusing together a Thai and Hawaiian landrace together. Lemon Thai takes after its’ Thai parentage with its’ heady buzz, mimicking the cerebral effects that awaken users with a sense of introspection and an inspirative mindset. The outstanding landrace genetics make for a sativa strain that’ll do more than uplift the spirits and keep you happy – Lemon Thai is also known to incite a laser like sense of focus and a burst of energy within users. Although it has been found beneficial to smokers dealing with pain, insomnia and other physical ailments, Lemon Thai’s main strengths are found in its’ ability to help alleviate stress, depression, fatigue and lack of inspiration among many other ailments and problems. The lovely Thai and Hawaiian landrace genetics impart sharp pine-like and refreshing citrus tones into these buds, also offering subtle minty undertones to create a fresh smoking sensation that is unmatched.


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PLEASE NOTE:This current batch of Lemon Thai consists of leafier or scruffier buds – this is reflected in the sale price.


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