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These delicious chocolates are bursting with a powerful punch. Each bag contains delectable goodies that taste exactly like your favorite childhood foods, but with one exception. They’re stuffed with 600 mg of THC. When you eat these wonderful chocolates, take it easy. You can buy Kush-Kat at our online store.

  • Contents: 600mg THC per bag 6 candies per bag
  • Each Kush Kat Mini contains 100mg of THC

Krispy THC is a delectable cannabis-infused dessert available from TreatWell that contains 600 milligrams of THC and is made with high-quality marijuana. This therapeutic delight has a long-term impact. It’s not unlike any other fantastic sweet treat… then you get high!

It’s always a good idea to start with a little bit of the product and see how you respond.

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