Kings Candy *Indica*

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Kings Candy’s exquisite cured nuggets are filled with a rainbow of greens and studded with a thick layer of glistening crystal clear trichomes. The strain‘s hashy aroma and flavor include citrus and wood notes, although the flavor is somewhat less apparent than its scent.

Many consumers have praised Kings Candy for its uplifting cerebral effects, which increased their mood and made them blissful, peaceful, and hazy. Many individuals reported a calm state of euphoria that quickly disappeared them drowsy and lethargic after taking in Kings Candy.

Others have praised Kings Candy’s potential to relieve chronic pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, and nausea.

Because THC levels vary based on growing and curing processes, check your batches before consuming to ensure accuracy.

King’s Candy is a powerful sleeping pill that produces an intense, euphoric high. The onset of the high takes some time, and it’s a creeper. However, once the high kicks in, it kicks strong and has the potential to endure for a long time. Users will begin to feel a considerably uplifted mood as soon as the high begins to take effect. Because of this, your body will feel heavier and heavier as time goes on, causing you to become increasingly calm and relaxed. Several users have reported feeling giggly from the euphoria, as well as a boost in hunger. As a result, keep some food on hand if you plan to use this strain at night! Recommended for nighttime usage.

Users of King’s Candy in the medical marijuana community praise it for being useful in relieving stress. It might help people get relaxed all over their bodies to fight sleeplessness and chronic pain. Users claim that this strain helps them relax after a hard day at work by allowing them to unwind. It does an excellent job increasing hunger for those who don’t have much, as a result of stress.


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