Natural leaf rolls from the royal palm tree are hand-picked and cleaned with purified water to create Royal Palm Super Slow Burning. There are no pesticides, chemicals, or preservatives in the product. You may get King Palm Super Slow Burning at our online store.

The leaves used in King Palms cigarettes are sturdy and low-burning. This leaf comes from Singapore’s Cordia (Borage) Family, which grows in rain forests and is home to the finest smoked leaf. Creating over 2,500 employment opportunities, King Palm contributes to Singapore’s long-term viability.

The natural corn-husk filter will be one of the finest filter tips you’ve ever used. It guarantees that no loose herb passes through and that oil does not enter your mouth. The King palm corn husk filter’s flexibility allows customers to take their cone in any direction they choose, chew down on it, and get a tighter and cooler hit with each inhalation.


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