Honey Bourbon Backwoods – Carton


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The Honey Bourbon Backwoods cigars are tiny handcrafted machine tobacco cigarettes with a delicious honey taste and a pleasant warmth of bourbon. This little cigar has a distinct fragrance and enticing flavor as a result of its rich, creamy taste. You can buy Honey Bourbon Backwoods Cigars at our online store.

The Honey Bourbon Backwoods is a smooth, rich, and delicate bourbon with complexity that enhances the experience. The flavor profile of Backwoods Honey Bourbon is robust yet gentle at the same time, with undertones of pine in addition to primary vanilla notes.

Honey Bourbon Backwoods has a particular, unique flavor and silky, smooth texture. It has undertones of caramel and Belgian chocolate with a long aftertaste.

The Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigars are made of a Dominican wrapper, Cameroon binder, and Cameroon filler. The flavor is primarily vanilla with a hint of pine.

The Backwoods Honey Bourbon Cigars are a fantastic late-night cigar or an ideal anytime smoke. Simply puff away and unwind as the calm waters of peace wash over you.


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