Electric Purp *Hybrid*

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The powerfully energizing Electric Purp strain is a cross between the potent Motor Breath #15 X Purple Punch strains. Named for its extremely restorative high, Electric Purp is an excellent choice for any hybrid enthusiast seeking for a quick-hitting euphoric high that will last for hours. You’ll be almost knocked down as soon as you exhale with a tremendous one-two punch of cerebral energy that makes you feel insanely elated and creative.

A super soothing body high will seep into your limbs as your mind spins through artistic ideas, leaving you feeling relaxed from head to toe and free of aches and pains. In addition to its high 16-21% THC average and 1-2% CBD content, Electric Purp’s effects make it a fantastic option for treating ailments such as chronic stress or anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and pain. This bud has a wonderfully fruity tropical fruit flavor with a lightly spicy skunky exhale. Sweet tropical fruits are complemented by spicy berries and a punch of earthy skunk in the scent. Electric Purp buds have dark olive green nuggets that are dense, popcorn-shaped, and covered in dark purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

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