Durban 95

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Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that has been nicknamed Durban 95. This sativa-dominant strain is known for its invigorating mental energy and medical-grade body buzz, making it a top pick for people looking for an energizing high with strong pain relieving qualities.

Durban 95 is the ideal strain to keep you productive throughout the day, while trekking in nature, or to offer a little of creativity. The large resin glands present in this strain make it an excellent choice for concentrate extraction by growers and concentrate connoisseurs. The buds are oblong and chunky, leaving a substantial layer of trichomes on nearly all areas of the plant.

About Durban 95

Durban Poison is a pure South African sativa landrace with a menacing moniker that implies strong psychotropic effects. It’s a powerful, sticky strain well adapted to a range of growing conditions. Between 15% and 25 percent THC is present in Durban 95.

Cannabis has been cultivated on the African continent since at least the 14th century, and by the time of Dutch colonialism it had spread south and indigenous South African groups known as the Khoikhoi, San, and Bantu had a well-developed cannabis cultivation and cultural acceptance. It was called dagga in their language.


Durban 95 is a cerebral and clear-headed high that affects users quickly. As it advances, you’ll notice things and hear sounds differently, as well as gain a sense of energy. You might be inspired to start a new painting or poem sequence because of Durban 95. It’s ideal for artists and individuals looking to create an atmosphere conducive to meditation. As the high peaks and then drops for the next two hours or so, you’ll begin to feel a bit of a stronger buzz inside your mind, with energy levels peaking and then declining. This strain is ideal when shared with friends or ingested alone since it’s capable of stimulating focus and developing sophisticated ideas! Given how it may quicken one’s thoughts, this strain is best consumed in the daytime.

Appearance and Flavor

The large size of the plants is due to their pure sativa heritage. Durban 95 buds look like regular sativas, with light green buds that are elongated in shape and coated with THC-rich trichomes. They are medium to bigger than average in size, full of sticky resin, and covered with THC-rich trichomes. When you break up the buds, you may expect a pungent, diesel aroma throughout the house. As you breathe in, Durban 95 will offer your taste buds with powerful gassy notes as well as undertones of pine and sweet licorice.


The high is multi-dimensional and pleasant for a wide range of daytime activities, as well as nighttime. This makes it an ideal medicine to have on hand – no matter what condition or medical problem you’re looking to cure.

The effects of Durban 95 are almost certainly unlike any you’ve previously experienced, unless you’re well-versed in playing with pure African sativa strains.

The high is clear and invigorating, with no ill effects on your body. This is why Durban 95 cannabis is so great for any occasion. It won’t distract you or cause you to lose attention, but it will maintain your motivation and eliminate stress.


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