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The new Doritos chips with a cannabis theme, dubbed Medicated Doritos Chips, are infused with a higher THC concentration than the original. The nacho cheese taste is just as powerful as ever, but there’s an extra marijuana kick to it! Are you concerned about the flavor of cannabis edibles? You needn’t be afraid any longer! It has a milder flavor of cannabis than the original Doritos, which will make you feel better. You can buy Doritos at our online store.

For a recommended dosage, we’ll begin with three to four chips with a 20-30 minute activation period, depending on how seasoned you are with cannabis edibles. Try one to two chips and see how high you can get after activation if you’re a novice. Decide how much food you want to consume the following session based on your results. As a fast snack, Doritos Medicated is ideal for getting in some elevation, relaxation, and good vibes!

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