FLO Extracts provides high-quality cannabis goods to those who need them most. The future of the cannabis industry is represented by FLO’s technology. You can buy DANK Cartridges at our online store. You can buy Cartridge Battery Kits by FLO at our online store.

The FLO Vaporizer is a stylish and portable vaporizer with an ergonomic, modern body. The FLO is ideal for adding to your handbag or pocket while you go about your day, and no one will suspect!

The FLO vaporizer does not accept vape refill cartridges from other manufacturers, since it has no female 510 thread. The Vape-pod system developed by FLO is exclusive to their own devices, as each pod employs sophisticated vapor technology to vastly enhance the performance of the traditional 510 pen. The classic 510 vape pen was designed around a design intended to be used with nicotine rather than cannabis, while the FLO-pod system was created from the ground up to be the ideal way to vaporthe weed.

FLO Industries utilized a well-known, GMP-certified global leader to develop their new style, which they believe will become the mainstream way to vaporize cannabis. Their pods are a new type of ultra-portable, highly sophisticated cannabis vape pens. Instead of using threaded vape cartridges (or tanks), FLO pod refills attach and form a seal that helps to guarantee that each hit delivers the optimum possible yield of vapor.

The manufacturer has released few products, but each one of them has received rave reviews. Users of FLO report pulling thicker clouds of vapor from a 510 pen than they could with a 510 cartridge, without the risk of burning when your cartridge is almost empty.


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