Blue Runtz *Indica*

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A strain‘s celebrity or corporate breeder might brag about its efforts and touting the benefits on occasion. Other times, as in the case of Blue Runtz, a private producer licensed by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) creates a strain. When this happens, growth information is limited; nonetheless, users would not notice any difference while their brain is immersed in its fantastic effects. The sweet-blueberry flavor of this particular variety is just as distinctive and intriguing as anybody who has ever tried Runtz would anticipate.

Blue Runtz is a Indica-dominant strain (65/35) that proudly displayed its genetic origins at the High Times Cannabis Cup, where it took home Best Indica honors in 2000 for both medicinal and delicious vanilla-blueberry taste. The plant itself has grapey green nuggets streaked with blue hues and red hairs. Its trichome crystal are similar to a little bit of gold. It’s like a precious gem.

Blue Runtz is a mild strain with an inviting flavor that provides relaxation and warmth without overpowering you. When you light up, you’ll experience a shiver down your spine and a tingle on your neck. This pleasant warmth will permeate throughout your body, providing a sense of detached clarity. This makes the strain excellent for people who suffer from bouts of indecisiveness or tension. If you frequently find yourself in a dilemma, this strain can assist you in making up your mind.

Blue Runtz has a lush flavor and fragrance that are typical of its heritage, which mixes White Runtz with Blueberry to produce an excellent strain for seasoned users (novices may find it to be too powerful). Users suffering from depression should avoid Blue Runtz since its effects can exacerbate their emotions.

The feeling of being in a fog is not for everyone. The warmth that travels down your back and into your extremities compliments the blueberry, vanilla, and earthy tastes. Blue Runtz, like ordinary Runtz, goes well with going to sleep, lazing about at the spa, or simply hanging out at home. Those who suffer from attention disorders, bipolar disorder, chronic pain or cramps.

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