Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash



Smooth, creamy hash.

Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash is a high-quality hash imported from Afghanistan. The term “habibi” in Arabic means “my love,” which is recognized to be a reference to the time and effort spent on creating this coveted hash strain. Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash is revered by hash enthusiasts for its complex tastes, herbal tones, and a pungen odor that smells like a cup of coffee ground into powder. To enjoy the smooth and relaxing high of Habibi Hash, crumble it over your joint or put it in your pipe. You can get Afghan Habibi Gold Seal Hash at our online store.

Kief is cannabis plant resin filtered through a hashish press. Kief is removed from the rest of the plant material and is essentially 100% THC concentrate. The separation of the THC or trichome resin glands from the cannabis plant leaves behind hash. Hash is produced by compressing pure THC or kief into a brick shape with heat in order to form hash or “hashish” as others know it. Our Afghani hashish is of excellent quality, guaranteed.

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