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What is Terp Sauce 2 What is Terp Sauce?

What is Terp Sauce?

The general rule when it comes to cannabis concentrates is that they must be powerful. Potency, a big and varied terpene profile, or a potent mix of tastes and scents are all factors that most experienced smokers seek. You move on to dabs when smoking buds just isn’t enough to scratch your itch anymore. You can buy this product in our boutique.

If you’re not a fan of waiting hours later for edibles to kick in, you’ll appreciate the convenience and customisation that a vape provides. Concentrates are one of the most potent, efficient, and consistent cannabis experiences accessible. Every type of cannabis product is tried at least once by cannasseurs. Some cannasseurs avoid extremely powerful extracts like phoenix tears unless they have a serious illness, so in some cases they avoid the higher potency goods. Have you ever taken a heavy-duty concentrate such as wax, resin, rosin, shatter, or oil tinctures? They’re not for the faint of heart or those with a low tolerance.

What is Terp Sauce 3 What is Terp Sauce?
What is Terp Sauce?

However, we feel that haut-potency extracts and concentrates are a worthwhile investment in the long run for your health. Concentrates may open up a whole new world of possibilities with cannabis. Higher potencies, robust tastes, mind-bending highs, powerful experiences, and relief from many diseases are all possible with concentrates. It’s about time you tried one of the most aromatic, flavorful, and potent cannabis products that has rapidly become a modern favorite: terp sauce.

What is terp sauce?

Terp sauce is a cannabis distillate that contains high amounts of terpenes, the aromatic oils that give cannabis strains their flavor. Their more formal name is “high-terpene full spectrum extracts,” or HTFSEs. Terpenes not only contribute to the sweet, earthy, and sour smells characteristic of marijuana, but they are also believed to influence the overall experience. Terpenes may, in fact, contribute to the diverse symptoms linked with cannabis consumption, such as feeling calm and uplifted. Terp sauce is a form of cannabis concentrate that concentrates terpenes in a liquid, runny “sauce” that is most often vaporized or dabbed.

Terp sauce comes in a variety of styles. Liquid terpene extracts, for example, may be combined with solid THCA or CDB isolate or blended with a strong distillate. It’s possible it’ll fall somewhere in the middle, producing a soft wax-like sugar. Terp sauces are terpene-rich preparations that contain higher levels of terpenes than the average product (for example, THC and CBD). A terp sauce may include 30% cannabinoids like THC and CBD while the remaining 70% is made up of terpene extract.


Cannabis extracts are divided into two categories: high-terpene, full-spectrum extracts (HTFSEs) and high-cannabinoid, full-spectrum extracts (HCFSEs). THCA makes up roughly 50% of HTFSEs and anywhere from 13 to 40% of the terpenes. In contrast, HCFSEs have a far greater percentage of THCA than do HTFSEs (90 percent vs. 13–40%).

What is Terp Sauce 1 What is Terp Sauce?
What is Terp Sauce?

How Is Terp Sauce Produced?

A high-quality souche with a lot of THCa and big amounts of terpenes is chosen since it will result in a superior end product. Fresh buds are used to make live resin, which is frozen before being extracted with butane. Propane is sometimes utilized as well. Both solvents have low boiling points, which helps to keep the terpene profile intact.

The cannabis plant material is placed in an extraction tube until it is devoid of air with the Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction process. A mesh screen or a fine filter is placed over one end of the tube. The tube is hung over a dish and butane is forced through it until a golden liquid flows out the other end into the dish.

The fatty and lipid components of the cannabinoids and terpenes are removed by solvent extraction. Gentle heat is used to reduce the amount of solvent in the final extract.

The extract is poured into a mason jar while it is still thick and kept in a dark place with the temperature just below room temperature.

As the pressure inside the jar rises, THCa crystals will begin to develop. This process, known as nucleation, occurs when molecules separate into the following:

The bigger crystals sink to the bottom. It’s called “diamond mining” because the THCa crystals appear to be tiny diamonds.

The heavier liquid terpenes known as “mother liquor,” which is lighter, congeals into a fluffy liquid that rises to the top.

The terpenes and crystals are separated, and the solvent is removed. The terpenes and crystals are purged of the solvent after 60 hours at low temperatures in a closed-loop extraction procedure that employs a low-temperature purge to remove the trapped liquid.

The extracts and terpenes are combined and put in bottles.

A High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) is considered to be terp sauce. It must have a minimum terpene content of 13% and a cannabinoid content of 45% to 70 percent in order to qualify as such.

Cannabinoids used to be really popular. Terpenes are now revered in the same way as they were formerly. It’s become clear that terpenes have a significant role in the psychoactive and therapeutic effects of particular strains. They influence whether a strain is energizing or sedating, as well as offering strong anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits. As a result, many marijuana smokers like HTFSEs such as terp sauce because of this. Furthermore, cannabinoids and terpenes may combine through an entourage effet phenomenon.

How to Make Terp Sauce at Home

You now know what terp sauce is and why it’s so significant, so it’s time to make your own. We’ll follow a slightly different procedure than the one described above. To avoid dealing with potentially dangerous solvents, we’ll be using rosin instead of turps.

Final Thoughts on THC Terp Sauce

To produce the terp sauce you can buy in stores, you’ll need a lot of expertise and patience. It might take weeks to put this spectacular blend of terpenes and THCA together. However, the wait is well worth it. You get a highly concentrated product that tastes great and has lots of benefits. Making a non-solvent version is also doable.

Terp sauce may be used in a variety of ways. The most popular way to use it is by dabbing or vaporizing it. These techniques deliver a pleasant taste and should not irritate the throat or lungs much. Remember, terp sauce has a lot of THC in it, so use cautiously.

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