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why is weed sticky 11 Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?

Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?

We’re not a fan of sticky things (sticky fingers, hands, floors, counters…). But give us some sticky marijuana and we’ll be as content as a clam at haut tide (no scrubbing required).

Sticky weed is a type of concentrate that has been extracted from the cannabis plant. It resembles hash in appearance, but it’s not the same thing. Most of you reading this book are likely unfamiliar with sticky weed, which is all right because it isn’t a horrible thing to be.

We’re here to assist. We’ll explain to you everything there is to know about sticky weed and why you should get a few gooey nuggets for yourself in this post.

What Is Sticky Weed?

Sticky weed (also known as “sticky icky”) is a street name for buds that are still covered with a significant amount of resin in the trichomes. It’s this resin (also known as essential oil) that causes sticky weed to stick.

Consider it the plant’s sap. Alternatively, think of it as maple syrup for people who are sick of biology lessons. It is what gives this kind of marijuana a sticky texture no matter how you look at it.

Is it a bad thing that the cigar is sticky? Or should you smoke something drier instead?

Is Sticky Weed Any Good?

why is weed sticky 14 Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?Normally, when something is sticky, we’d advise you to drop it as quickly as possible. But with sticky cannabis, all we can say is, “Hold on to that sticky icky like your life depends on it!”

Is sticky cannabis better? Yes! Yes! Yes! Sticky weed is excellent.

It’s the best of the best. If the holy grail was on sale in your local dispensary and not locked away in a warehouse somewhere, it’s the holy grail of cannabis. Do yourself a favor and try some sticky marijuana. It just may alter your life forever, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some sticky weed.

Why Sticky Weed Is Top-Shelf Cannabis

Sticky weed is all about the resin. But that resin doesn’t just pop out of thin air (unfortunately). And, believe it or not, there’s a lot more to the resin than meets the eye.

We’ll start at the top and work our way down to help you understand.


Flowers are the starting point. Cannabis flowers (or “buds” for short) develop on the female marijuana plant. They’re frequently orange or purple, and they might be mixed together.

The petals will be coated with tiny hairs that appear to be like eyelashes. But don’t go and grab your razor yet. Those “hairs” have a purpose, after all.


The glands of the cannabis plant are known as “trichomes.” We all have glands, to put it another way. The pot plant has glands as well. All living things have glands, to use a more technical term.

Those glands, on the other hand, are in charge of manufacturing and secreting substances. Hormones are the “stuff” produced by these glands in humans. That “stuff” is resin in the plant.

There are actually three distinct types of trichomes on the cannabis plant, but capitate-stalked is the biggest and most prevalent. They’re where the majority of resin production occurs.

Trichomes are very small, white crystals that may be found on the flowers of a mature female cannabis plant. They appear to be little hairs at first glance.

However, on further inspection, you’ll discover that they’re really a stem with a spherical top. The interesting part happens here.


Flowers are produced by the cannabis plant. Trichomes are formed in those flowers. Then, resin is created from the trichomes.

It’s not just the sticky chemicals that give weed its name and make the cannabis plant the ninth wonder of the world (at least according to us). The gooey, adhesive resin in cannabis is responsible for its sticky reputation. It varies in color from clear through hazy reddish to orange as it progresses through various phases of development.

“Why are you making resin out to be like an orgasm wrapped in powdered ecstasy with endorphins drizzled on top?” you might ask. The answer to that intriguing inquiry may be found in the following part.


Cannabinoids are chemicals, in the most basic terms. More specifically, cannabinoids are substances that bind to cannabinoid receptors in your brain.

They have names like:

  • THC
  • CDB
  • GBC
  • CBN

These chemicals are what give you a high, alleviate your pain, and alleviate your anxiety after smoking a doobie or eating some brownies.

Only the resin produced by the trichomes of the marijuana plant contains cannabinoids. It sounds like a familiar children’s song: “The cannabis plant that grew the flower that created the trichome that produced the resin that contained cannabinoids.”

Ah, if only our childhoods were as enjoyable as this.

Let’s Put It All Together

why is weed sticky 12 Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?Cannabinoids are what you’re looking for when you smoke a blunt or eat a hemp gummy. They’re what you’re searching for when you have a hash or edible cannabis session. And they can only be found in the trichomes of a flowering marijuana plant’s resin.

If you want as many trichomes as possible from your cannabis experience, a nug with a lot of resin is the way to go. You want weed that is stickier than usual.

Aren’t you starting to see why sticking cannabis is such a smart idea? Essentially, it’s because you’ll have more fun – or feel more medical benefits – with sticky marijuana than dry medicine.

Sure, it’s a little inconvenient (to clean) when you’re done, but the trip is definitely worth it. Plus, cleaning is one of the top 15 entertaining things to do while high (truly), so extra credit. But before you go out and spend all your money on as much sticky weed as you can find, let’s talk about how sticky weed compares to dry weed.

Sticky Weed vs. Dry Weed

Sticky weed has been discussed in this post a lot, but you may have gotten the impression that dry marijuana is comparable to regs and should be avoided at all costs.

That is not at all the case. Dry marijuana has a purpose, even if it isn’t as popular as liquid cannabis. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly prevalent. It’s very much like the old adage about pizza and sex: even when it’s bad, it’s still good.

The difference between dry marijuana and sticky weed is shown here.

They’re Both Dried

Don’t get us wrong, both sticky weed and dry weed are dried (meaning they’ve both been cut from the stem of the cannabis plant, hung in a cool, dry place, and allowed to…dry).

Dry cannabis may have been hung for a longer period of time or it may have had fewer trichomes (or less resin) to begin with. It doesn’t imply that dry weed is inedible because it isn’t sticky. It just implies that the dry marijuana has a stronger smoke or lacks a complete, flavorful taste like the sticky stuff.

Sure, it may take away a little of the excitement at first, but it will have minimal impact on the psychedelics you’re looking for.


Think of sticky weed as the greatest quality you can achieve. The trichomes are so rich in resin that you’ll receive more cannabinoids.

Cannabis is still full of cannabinoids even after being dried. Although there are less than with its sticky counterpart, it is still a significant amount. The high-quality of sticky marijuana, on the other hand, has an impact on numerous components.


Sticky weed contains a lot of cannabinoids, so you’ll need less to get really high. In this situation, a little is enough.


The main distinction between dry weed and sticky marijuana is the price. So, for argument’s sake, let’s assume you have $75 to spend. You could get a quarter of an ounce of dry cannabis or an eighth of an ounce of sticky cannabis.

Your Goals

If you’re having a party for all of your marijuana buddies, buying an eighth of sticky weed isn’t recommended. That little amount won’t last long (even if the quality is superior).

Even if the quality goes down a little, go for the bigger quantity (the quarter) because the higher quantity is usually better. Your pals won’t care what you’re smoking, either. They’ll be overjoyed just to get their hands on any of it.

If you want to save time when traveling between dispensaries, stick to a dry souche rather than sticky marijuana.

What you pick — sticky or dry marijuana — is primarily a function of your preference and the money in your pocket.

why is weed sticky 9 Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?


Don’t Fear The Sticky Icky

So don’t be scared the next time someone offers you sticky grimy. There’s nothing to worry about (certainly not like a sticky floor or counter). All we can say is grab that chance with both hands and run with it!

Sticky weed is the cream of the crop, and you’ll most certainly experience things you’ve never felt before with dry cannabis. So why not give it a go?

Even if you only try it once, you’ll be able to say that you’ve done it. The joy of marijuana is in the exploration; there’s always another alternative around the bend.

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