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The sweetly scented delicate flower with balanced but slightly drowsy effects is the Violet Fever souche. The strain was created using the powerful genetics of Blueberry, Green Crack, and Shiskaberry. The end product has very little of the musty smells common to many other strains. Consumers may rest into a calm yet clear-headed haut by consuming its floral smoke instead. According to studies, the THC content of Violet Fever ranges from 17% to 26 percent.

Violet Fever is a tiny strain that grows to be about the size of a penny. Its flowers, sometimes known as nuggets, are tiny spade-shaped nuggets with a pointed tip. These buds are beautiful in shades of sage green with hints of pale lavender. As a result of anthocyanin pigments being activated by low temperatures during development, the hue changes towards purpler hues. Frosty trichomes and brilliant orange pistils complete these little indica blooms.

The aroma of Violet Fever is pleasant, with undertones of violets. Underneath is a sweetness that reminds me of cotton candy. When these buds are crushed, earthy musk comes through mildly on the nose. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, this strain produces a very smooth and quickly absorbed smoke with fruity notes and faint floral nuances on the exhale, which has a sweeter scent than its ancestors.

Violet Fever has a medium latency period, similar to many generally indica strains. A tight pressure on the lower forehead and temples begins the experience, with a possible tingling sensation or a flushing in the cheeks. Users may engage with the strain’s mental activity once these unusual feelings become more acceptable; it might appear to bring their environment into greater clarity. You may become lost in your own speculations. You could find yourself jumping from one to the next, thinking about how you can improve. When it comes to complicated or analytical work, this mentality might be beneficial.

Some people suffering from Violet Fever become talkative in social situations, resulting in flowing conversations. Vivid changes in perception, such as a rise in stimuli like bright lights or loud noises, can also be caused by Violet Fever. Users have described an odd sensation of time dilation as well. Those who want to experience the trippy effects of this strain should add ambient music or a spacey film to their mix. Indeed, after an hour or so under the influence of this strain, you might simply want to lie back and relax with background music, as its physical body high begins to seep into your system. As the strain’s soothing qualities take hold, any remaining muscular tension dissipates as breathing becomes more natural and effortless. It may suffocate smokers who wish to do anything else than eat or binge-watch television during the period when the physical stone of Violet Fever is still intact. Because this strain has some vigor before melting into sedation, it’s great for eating between late afternoon and early evening.

‘Violet Fever’ has a variety of medical marijuana uses, since it is quite adaptable. The clarity that emerges with the strain’s onset may help individuals with attention deficit disorders concentrate on a single activity. Its mood-altering effects might assist those who are feeling tense, melancholy, or frightened in feeling better. Munchies can be generated by the THC in the strain, along with its strong focus-enhancing qualities. Because to its capacity to create some very powerful, obsessive thought patterns, Violet Fever should be handled carefully by anxious or paranoid patients.’

Seeds of Violet Fever are not available for sale online, and those who wish to grow the strain at home must obtain plant clippings from healthy, mature plants. The strain may be grown both indoors and outside in a hot, humid environment. Plants are compact and bushy in build with purple flowers that bloom within 8 to 9 weeks. Gardeners wanting to bring out the colors of their crops’ stunning violet should expose them briefly to chilly (but not freezing) temperatures just before blossoming begins.

The Instagram and Facebook accounts for ‘Violet Fever’ have more than 1,000 followers, while the website’s webpage has almost 6,000 likes. The strain is popular among terpene experts and flavor enthusiasts.

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