Super Skunk *Indica*

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The Super Skunk is an Indica-dominant cannabis souche with strong body effects. Shiva Skunk, its parent, is a trustworthy and legendary variety that was first bred by Skunk #1. Three years later came Super Skunk, which the breeder of Sensi Seeds refers to as the first hybride breeding project involving Afghani heritage. According to the breeder, Super Skunk imparts greater potency, weight, and flavor to Skunk #1 and Shiva Skunk.

The business isn’t done experimenting with Afghan mixes, as other firms in the United States and abroad are doing. Breeders are searching for a flawless Afghani genotype that matches Skunk #1’s characteristics. Their enthusiasm is due to Skunk #1’s global impact since the 1970s, as well as its offspring from generations past, such as Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold.

Super Skunk is a hybrid strain that was created after the parent, Super Skunk, had been crossbred with other strains. Its scent is similar to its parent’s, having earned it the moniker “skunk.” Some people describe it as cheese or the fungus underside of a rock. Others remark on a pleasant flavor and a clean smoking experience

Super Skunk is green in hue, although some consumers have noticed undertones of orange and brown. The buds are thick with tiny trichromes, outgrowths, or appendages on the plant. Some people report that the skunky odor reminds them of ammonia; others say Super Skunk has pomegranate and cranberry fruity notes. For around 90 minutes, the pleasant affects are short-acting to medium-acting.

For medical users, the thick, Indica-style body buzz is nice. It may be used at any time of day to provide pain relief. Use it at night to reduce anxiety and induce sleepiness. The relaxing cannabis strain is utilized by people who suffer from migraines and cramps.

The strain with the characteristic skunk odor may put you in a spaced-out or euphoric condition, making it appealing to recreational users. The strain has something for everyone, regardless of tolerance levels.

At 19% THC and 2.4 percent CDB, this strain is haut in both cannabinoids, making it ideal for more serious medical conditions such as epilepsy. This strain is well-known for increasing appetite, which may be beneficial to people with difficulties consuming because they are suffering from chemotherapy-induced nausea.

The Super Skunk strain was first developed in the early 1990s and has a bad reputation for being highly powerful. Super Skunk is known for having huge, robust buds. It’s easy to cultivate because of its hefty, dense leaves.

Indoor cannabis plants produce more than average amounts of buds (15 ounces per square meter on average) and blossom in an average of 8 to 9 weeks. This strain is ready for harvest in mid- September when cultivated outside, yielding approximately 21 ounces per square meter.

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