Secret Cookies x Kushmints LSO *Hybride*

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture d’inventaire et indisponible.

Ce souche is a potent cross of the well-known Secret Cookies x Kush mints. Earthy sweet woods and rich spicy aromas with a strong punch of mint characterize this strain. The mental cerebral and physical effects of Secret Cookie x Kush Mints are noticeable. Indica accounts for 90% of the total blend, while Sativa makes up 10%.

THC levels for this strain range from 24% to 28%, delivering haut-level potency to both the mind and body. Secret Cookie x Kush Mint begins with a burning sensation in the spine, transporting you into a state of profound relaxation that lasts until you are calm in both mind and body. The mental effects produced by this cross are more associated with feelings of happiness and productivity. Sensory perception is enhanced as well as euphoric sensations.

The sedative effects combined with the euphoric effects produced by the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains make this hybride strain ideal for medical use. Small quantities can melt away all pain and aches. Increasing the dose gradually may help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Activating ingredients temporarily relieve stressful and anxious symptoms, lowering concerns and elevating mood. Even to high-tolerance levels, taking a low dose of this crossbreed strain lasts longer because it is a strong crossbreed.

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