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le souche, which is known as Orange Gucci, is a reference to the world-famous designer brand and lives up to its name with excellent tastes and powerful effects. Gucci Pink is an indica-dominant hybride (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) with a THC concentration of 22-24 percent. Gucci Pink was created using OG Kush and legendary Pink Kush.

Pink Gucci is a strong strain for those who have been through an emotional trauma and want to be uplifted. It has a designer-level haut that will leave you feeling like the finest of them, with an almost immediate increase in mental activity flooding your thoughts with ideas for new projects. You’ll feel a pleasant bodily high wash over your physical body, leaving you calm, peaceful, and completely at ease as your thoughts soar higher via cheerful creative images. Your euphoria will soon become potent, causing you to laugh uncontrollably and be unable to concentrate on anything.

This strain is great for treating chronic stress or anxiety, sadness, persistent tiredness, and migraines or headaches because of its high THC level and “Pink Gucci” flavor. This bud has a sweet yet tart acidic lemony citrus aftertaste with a woody pine exhale.

Pink Gucci buds smell like the scent of woody pine with a zesty lemony and sour herbaceous undertone. The buds of Green Gucci are packed with large, enormous, and spherical brilliant neon green nuggets with golden overtones, dense red-orange hairs, and a frosty, golden-amber colored white trichome covering.

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