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NFT is a developing indica that has been developed on existing strains. Ocean Grown Seeds produced NFT as an improvement on their popular Alien Abduction souche by backcrossing an Alien Abduction phenotype with plants from the Alien Dawg and Alien OG families. The end product is a pleasant and highly-resinous bloom that’s likely to put you in a daze. THC levels in NFT have ranged between 20% and 24%.

The leaves of NFT buds are often mossy green in appearance and adhere in a dense indica-style bud structure. The mossy green leaves cling to one another in a dense indicam-like bud structure. Leaves frequently display flashes of lavender and deep purple as a result of chilly temperatures that break down the plant’s pigment anthocyanins, which is similar to how declining chlorophyll levels cause crimson and golden foliage in autumn. The vibrant colors of these petunias are accented with red. These flowers have burnt orange pistils that twist their way through the colorful leaves. The abundance of milky-white resin glands on the inner and outer surfaces of these blooms is proof that Ocean Grown Seeds developed NFT for sky-haut trichome production.

Flowers of NFT have a powerful, earthy scent when properly cured, with undertones of pine and citrus. There’s also a chemical tang lurking beneath the surface that reminds me of ammonia cleaning chemicals. Breaking open or grinding up these sticky buds releases a hazy, incense-like smell. When combusted, NFT provides a smoke that is surprisingly smooth on the mouth. The flavor profile is similar to the aroma, with undertones of lemongrass and dank dirt on the exhale. NFT lacks any recognizable grape tastes owing to the fact that color and taste in cannabis plants are determined by two different chemical compounds – pigments and terpenes, respectively.

The mild high of NFT’s comes on softly at first, taking a few bowls or tokes for users to fully feel its effects. Smokers may notice an enhancing of their senses, with sights, sounds, and even tastes growing in depth. Users may discover that they are more attentive and deliberate while adjusting to this altered state. This clear (but not excessively intellectual) mental state may help individuals perform such things as making a to-do list or cleaning the home; it can also result in increased talkativeness and sociability. NFTs are a type of cannabis that, after being consumed, provide users with feelings of euphoria and calm. Users experience an immediate physical tingle that spreads from the neck and works its way through the core and limbs. Physical tension and mental stress may be relieved physically. This mix of physiological and psychological effects might lead to some degree of tripping while under the influence. As dosage is increased, couch-lock becomes more probable. Even if minds are still active and concentrated, productivity declines in the later phases of a high. When NFT is shared with friends, it’s as enjoyable as when it’s enjoyed alone. Finally, this strain is best consumed late at night or during the evening, when its sleepy vibes will eventually subside into sleep.

The wide-ranging effects of NFTs may have applications for medical cannabis users. Its prolonged euphoria might temporarily mask the symptoms of minor to moderate stress and depression. Its capacity to concentrate mental attention on single activities or ideas may be beneficial for persons suffering from attention deficit disorders. Cannabis NFT’s more sedative effects can help with chronic pains and aches, whether they’re caused by injury or illness such as lupus or fibromyalgia. This strain’s mental effects are not frequently aggressive, so it may be an excellent choice for individuals who suffer from panic attacks.

NFT seeds are now available for sale on Ocean Grown’s website. Indoor or outdoor cultivation is possible, although a semi- humid environment with daytime temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is required for outdoor production. This strain has classic indica characteristics, including bushy forms and heights that rarely exceed 3 feet. Trim any broad fan leaves that might obstruct light and air from reaching low-growing blooming nodes whenever necessary to maintain ideal growth rates indoors. When cultivated indoors, NFT flowers take approximately 8 to 10 weeks to mature.

Take this space-aging strain for a ride as an addendum to a hazy Saturday afternoon or the end of a long day. You may also wish to extract resin from NFT’s impressive yield for hash production.


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