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Cannabis has been demonstrated to impair short-term memory, yet this souche may surprise you more than others. Memory Loss is a mostly sativa strain from Archive Seed Bank, the same west coast breeders who developed strains like Golden Ticket. It’s a cross between Amnesia Haze and Face Off OG, according on the label. Consumers should be warned that because this strain’s potency has been measured at anywhere from 18% to 28%, it isn’t for faint of heart or low in tolerance.

Medium to big conical blooms with a distinctively cone-shaped form that taper from broad base to pointed tip distinguish Memory Loss. Despite being mostly sativa, the buds hang together in a dense indica-style configuration. The dark, rust-colored pistils are woven through the tightly curled leaves, which are a mossy green in hue and threaded with black. The flowers of this strain are generally white, although they may have streaks of deep violet. These vibrant hues come from the plant’s genes being activated by colder than normal weather during growth. Finally, cloudy white trichomes cover the buds’ inner and outer surfaces, giving them a somewhat whiteness.

Memory Loss has a woodsy pine and cedar scent when properly cured. Some undertones of damp earth and musk are also visible as the bud is ground up or broken open, which are further amplified as it is combusted. Memory Loss burns with a smoke that can be harsh and acrid for some people, stinging sinuses and causing coughing on inhalation. On the exhale, there are both citrus and earthy tones in the smoke.

Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body, including your brain. Smoking causes memory loss, which begins to show before smokers have even finished coughing. The pressure around the eyes and temples is initially felt; this tingle then spreads down the neck and center. Such bodily sensations are soon followed by a sensation on mindrace, with thoughts jumping from one to the next in an unbridled manner – this feeling may be disorienting for some individuals. External stimuli can also add to the confusion, making things appear more interesting than they would otherwise be.Users can use Memory Loss to enhance everyday activities like cleaning or washing dishes if they can maintain basic focus. While creative ideas may start flowing, don’t plan on performing any complex jobs that require intense attention. This strain is euphoric and uplifting in the proper setting and settings. It’s sure to make users more talkative in social situations… but keeping your train of thought going will be difficult. This is a great, lively wake-and-bake strain; if consumed at night, it’ll keep smokers active and anxious.

Memory Loss may provide several advantages for medical cannabis users, despite its frightening name. Its ability to raise one’s spirits might be useful in situations of light to moderate stress and depression. Many customers also state that Memory Loss provides significant relief from deep-seated pains and aches. Anti-inflammatory actions may assist with a range of minor ailments, such as headaches and nausea. Memory Loss is not suggested for those who are prone to panic or anxiety, regardless of their THC tolerance, since it might induce recursive thinking and introspection.

The Millennium Seed Bank has made Memory Loss Seeds available for purchase through a variety of internet retailers. It may be cultivated both inside and outside, although outside success necessitates a semi-humid environment with daytime temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants tend to grow tall, so indoor growers should take care to train their crops with some early, aggressive pruning. For growers wanting to bring out the colorful possibilities of this bud, exposing it to low (but not freezing) nighttime temperatures at the end of the vegetative stage is a must. When grown indoors, Memory Loss flowers in a lengthy 10 weeks but provides a substantial yield of bud to reward patient gardeners.

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