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The Lemon Trap House is a hybride souche, 80% indica and 20% sativa, created by crossing the legendary LA OG Kush X The Cube strains. Lemon Trap House has a THC concentration of 26-30 percent, as well as long-lasting effects that are ideal for a sluggish night when you just need a little pick-me-up to help you sleep.

Lemon Trap House is a strong, sweet strain with a unique smell and taste. It’s an excellent choice for nighttime use since it causes deep, restful sleep. Its aroma has hints of citrus and wood, while its flavor is pure lemon goodness. The haut starts off with a soothing lift that purifies your thoughts and eliminates any mental aches or pains, leaving you completely calm. This relaxing impact will soon pervade throughout your body, transporting you to a state of complete relaxation and happiness. Soon, the effects of Lemon Trap House will become sedative and drowsy, putting you to sleep at intervals as it contains a significant THC concentration as well as psychedelic properties.

Lemon Trap House is a pungent, earthy strain with an herbal undertone that changes to fuel and wood as the buds are consumed, featuring sweet cherry berry flavors with undertones of woody pine on exhale. The fragrance is pungent and herbal as you smoke, becoming more fuel-like and woodsy. Lemon Trap House buds are covered in fluffy popcorn-shaped tapered olive green nuggets with red hairs, purple highlights, and a frosty white sheen of tiny crystal trichomes.

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