Green Envy by Green Camel *Sativa*

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Green Envy is a hybride souche that has been compared to their previous bud, Oldtimers Haze. This beauty’s Thai and South Indian roots have given it a powerful THC concentration with a strong set of sativa effects. On this one, newer users should exercise extreme caution!

THC levels have been recorded as haut as 28% in this area, and with a track record that practically smacks you in the face from the start, you’ll want to be cautious. Green Envy nuggets are nice; they’re neither too sticky nor dry, and they come in a variety of hues with a thick covering of trichomes.

Imagine a strawberry milkshake with added whipped cream and sprinkles. In terms of scent, it’s described as smelling like sweet strawberries, creamy vanilla cake, and diesel fuel. The flavor is loved by people all around the world, combining floral, fruity, and woody notes for just enough diesel at the end. Green Envy has been dubbed “the ultimate heavy-hitter.” She will provide her sativa effects in no time, allowing users to become quickly happy, energetic, and sociable. Your ability to concentrate on creative activities will improve dramatically; many individuals observe that a strong case of munchies follows your high.

As potent as the first portion of the high may be, your comedown will be equally powerful. After a few hours, Green Envy puts most people into a deep and dreamy slumber, making it a nighttime-only option.

Medical problems can often be treated effectively with high THC levels alone, and Green Envy delivers a one-two punch of comfort in no time. Patients who suffer from chronic pain, muscular spasms, anxiety, depression, or stress frequently comment on how quickly and simply their issues are relieved after just a toke or two. Given that this strain causes hunger easily, it’s an excellent choice for people who struggle to eat because

Are you prepared to put your whole love and dedication to the test? While many strains give growers a high yield after 8 to 10 weeks, Green Envy will put your perseverance to the test. Flowering times range from 16 to 20 weeks, but the end product is well worth it. As this strain may be somewhat difficult to cultivate, bring your best efforts into your personal garden.

Some people experience stronger psychedelic effects, while others merely ride the wave of energy and joy, but no matter what, Green Envy is a fantastic method to end a hard day or simply relax on a lazy weekend afternoon. Her lovely combination of tastes won her instant popularity among fans, but it’s simply the high THC concentration and medical benefit that other users appreciate most. Regardless of how you look at it, Green Envy will undoubtedly become a favorite strain for you.


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