Bonbon vert *Hybride*

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The Green Candy souche is an amazing cerebral smoke that combines fragrant and tasty qualities, preparing you for a guaranteed meal of your senses. Even with just 18% THC, this powerful cross can put a damper on your good mood and make you feel awake and inspired throughout the night.

Green Candy is a delectable cross of sweet and savory qualities that should be so-named, as it contains a long list of salty and sugary characteristics in its flavor. This plant is the end result of the crossing of ultra-seductive candy Kush with Green Crack, which is a hybride.

The origins of this strain are uncertain, as it is with many other hybrid strains. However, one thing is certain – if you have the option between Green Candy and dessert, you can have both by choosing the latter. In a variety of ways, this flower has built up a devoted following, and there has been much hype behind it.


The Green Candy is certain to provide a pleasurable experience, since it’s all about feeling joyful and wonderful with this one. Its fans appreciate it for making them feel happier and more energized, as well as being a balanced mix that shows distinct sativa effects.

Green Candy will make you feel energized and awake, and even inspired in many circumstances. If you are artistically inclined, you may want to be creative; otherwise, you can quickly find yourself in enthusiastic conversation with others sharing tales.

Green Candy’s haut is euphoric, with the blood rushing through it. You will feel mentally relaxed as your thoughts slow down to a more manageable pace and you will enjoy the energy boost that you will be given in the end because of its strong effet.


The fragrance of Green Candy will pique your attention. This strain has a strong odor that makes the hairs on your nose tingle with excitement. This plant leaves an earthy scent in its wake, making everything around it smell fresh and delicious fruits.

Les saveurs

The Green Candy strain has a longer list of delectable tastes to experience. This stuff is powerful and buttery on the inhale, with a strong earthy flavor. On the exhale, you’ll notice more island and fruit-scented notes that leave an herbal aftertaste on your tongue.

Adverse Reaction

Although Green Candy has a few negative effects, they are generally minor. Because this well-balanced hybrid is likely to make your mouth feel dry and parched as well as your eyes feel itchy with dehydration, staying hydrated is advised to avoid feeling slightly unwell.

Green Candy has several drawbacks, the most significant of which is its short duration. The following are some additional side effects that you may experience from smoking Green Candy: a little dizziness, as well as a mild headache throughout the entire high. Green Candy might make you feel paranoid and uneasy at times, especially if you’re a beginner and have had one puff too many.


Green Candy is a very reliable medicinal strain, and is known for helping many patients with their difficult conditions. Chronic stress sufferers are known for preferring a hybrid such as this one in order to manage their unruly thoughts of fear and negativity, allowing them to feel more positively about themselves.

This strain’s medical applications include the capacity to relieve most patients’ symptoms of depression, making them feel less depress ious about their problems. Green Candy may also aid cancer sufferers who have nausea by allowing them to consume more frequently.

Green Candy can ease chronic pain and any muscular or joint problems that people who suffer from chronic pain may experience. With the aid of this well-balanced and flavorful plant, certain ailments such as back pains, headaches, and muscular twitching might be alleviated considerably.

The sparkling, active qualities of ‘Electric Green Tea’ may also be beneficial to medical cannabis patients. The strain’s long-lasting sense of concentration can help individuals with attention deficit problems stay focused. This bud has the ability to temporarily raise people’s spirits during mild to moderate stress or sadness. Some anti-inflammatory components might relieve the sting of everyday annoyances like headaches and nausea physiologically. Because its recursive logic patterns can easily lead to paranoia, Green Candy is not suggested for individuals who are susceptible to panic or have a low THC tolerance.

Green Candy is a pure indica strain that is not available for purchase online. Because no breeders have produced Green Candy on a commercial scale, the strain’s seeds are unavailable for sale online. To cultivate genetically identical clones, prospective growers must obtain clippings from healthy plants of the strain. This strain may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, although its sativa characteristics suggest that it may prefer growing outside in a semi-humid Mediterranean climate. Green Candy’s sativa qualities also indicate that its plants may grow to be extremely tall and need to be trimmed back early in the vegetative stage to fit inside spaces.

Green Candy is a potent and tasty hybrid that’s less sinister than its parent strain Green Crack. For sativa users, Green Candy is a must-try, as it’s both energizing and expansive. Try taking it on a camping excursion; because of its active, all-embracing qualities, it can really embrace the great outdoors.

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