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Givré Kush is a crossbred souche that descends from the Hindu Kush plant (60% indica/40% sativa). This famous youngster has a stunning appearance and a powerful energy that will stimulate the intellect while relaxing the body for hours. You may get Frosted Kush *Hybrid* at our online store.

The Frosted Kush buds are spotted with bright, neon green spade-shaped nuggets that have a thin light orange hair covering and vividly white snowy crystal trichomes. Remove each sparkling minnow, and rich herbal and flowery aromas bloom. The flavor profile is comparable, with floral undertones complemented by undertones of earth and fresh pine.

The Frosted Kush is a well-known hybride with both mental and physical energy. Your mind will enter a state of intellectually invigorating cerebral euphoria, as well as signs of creativity and sociability. The pleasant physical haut that goes with this heady boost keeps you grounded and calm as your brain gears up. Frosted Kush’s high 14-27% average THC concentration, in combination with its moderate effet on the senses and mental effects, make it excellent for treating chronic stress, headaches or migraines, depression, persistent tiredness, appetite loss, and other ailments.

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