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The Electric Purple souche is a cross between the powerful Motor Breath #15 X Purple Punch strains. Electric Purp is a wonderful choice for any hybride enthusiast wanting a fast-acting euphoric haut that lasts for hours. It’s named for its extremely restorative effet, which comes from a combination of the potent Motor Breath #15 X Purple Punch strains. Expect to be almost knocked down as soon as you exhale, with a massive one-two punch of cerebral energy that leaves you feeling strongly creative and happy.

A wonderful feeling will seep into your limbs as your mind flies through creative notions, leaving you relaxed from head to toe and pain-free. Electric Purple’s effects make it a great choice for treating problems like chronic stress or anxiety, sadness, tiredness, and discomfort. The flavor of this bud is wonderfully fruity, with a lightly pungent skunky aftertaste. Sweet tropical fruits are complemented by spicy berries and a hint of earthy skunk in the scent. In the Electric Purple, dark olive green nuggets that are tight, popcorn-shaped, and coated with dark purple-tinted white crystal trichomes

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