Rose électrique *Indica*

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Electric Pink is a light green buds, pink pistils, and medium nugs souche. The flavor of the breed is similar to that of its parents, sweet vanilla and candy perfume. It can also contain earthy notes, sourness, berries, tanginess, and mango. Electric Pink marijuana strain scent has an exceptionally flavoured smoke comparable to its parent strains. You can understand why it’s on many people’s lists of favorite pink weed strains. You can buy Electric Pink *Indica* at our online store.

The Electric Pink marijuana strains’ main medical applications are muscular spasms, pain, loss of appetite, and sadness. The strain Electric Pink is also popular for individuals dealing with stress because it will keep them energized, active, and focused all day. It’s a fantastic strain for anybody wanting to relax both body and mind since it has such an invigorating buzz.

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