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Chemo marijuana, as the name suggests, is a kind that helps with many chemotherapy symptoms. Users of Chemo might experience less tension and stress, decreased nausea and vomiting, an improved appetite, and less joint pain and discomfort. Since this souche has an average THC concentration of 29%, novices should proceed slowly with it.

The marijuana business is flooded with recreational kinds, and they combine exciting flavor profiles with lively effects to help you enjoy the weekend. While this is fantastic since you can never have too many options, it may make it difficult to discover strains that are more focused on medicine. While there are a plethora of highly effective medical strains out there, they might be buried behind names that appeal more to tourists.

Chemo is one of them. It’s been around for decades, but it still lurks in the shadows of Cherry Pie and Sherbet OG. Chemo, as its name implies, is a very medicinal strain that was developed with a specific goal in mind, yet it also offers a pleasant experience.

What Is the Chemo Strain?

The Chemo strain was created in the 1970s by a doctor looking for a way to make chemotherapy easier for his patients in Canada, according to legend. However, little is known about the strain’s origin and lineage, and the bulk of its history has been compiled from its name and when it first appeared on the market.

The most common name for Chemo is UBC Chemo, after the university where chemotherapy was originally developed. The strain’s dual moniker might lead to some confusion, as people think that since UBC Chemo is descended from Chemo, it has distinct effects. This isn’t the case, however; rather, the name is determined by where you buy the strain and which name the grower prefers.

Chemotherapy is a powerful indica strain with physical effects. The strain’s main feature is its full, deep-rooted relaxation, which becomes apparent after just the first drag of your joint. This relaxing effet explains why the plant is so popular among cancer patients.

Chemo is a type of medicine that allows your body to reach a state of calm and serenity, free from the pains and issues associated with daily existence. It’s a recreational variety that’s popular among people who find it difficult to unwind after a long, stressful day.

Chemo’s effects are not limited to the physical, and most people experience a feeling of euphoria as part of the haut. This is due in part to the strain’s high THC concentration, as well as the fact that when all of our body’s long-term pains and aches are taken away, we tend to feel much happier.

Chemo alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. It’s also a powerful appetite stimulant, giving you the munchies. Chemo is ideal for a relaxing evening with a cheesy film and plenty of junk food on hand. The effects of Chemo are particularly enjoyable when consumed in moderation with a few close pals, ordering some pizzas and watching your all-time favorite shows and movies.

Chemo is a strain that thrives during the night, when it can be used to alleviate the nasty effects of therapy. Chemo is an intense indica variety that leaves you feeling physically relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.


Chemo has a very natural scent about it, which makes sense because it was bred for its effects rather than fragrance and pure pleasure. That isn’t to say Chemo doesn’t have a pleasant smell; it’s just that if you’re searching for complexity, this might not be the strain for you.

Chemo buds have a distinct earthy aroma to them, almost making your hands feel as though you’ve used them to handle dirt. You begin to detect a woody scent coming from within Chemo buds as they’re broken apart. A thick forest with pine trees is an example.

The scent of Chemo buds as they burn is smoky and woody, evoking memories of being a kid around a bonfire on a chilly fall night. You are overcome with a calm and soothing smoke as your recollections surface. You may want to snuggle up on the sofa with a thick blanket and take advantage of Chemo’s effects.

Сhemo produces a noxious odor in the air, making concealment difficult. It may be interesting for those who are aware of what it is, though.


The taste of Сhemo is unique, combining the flavor that you would anticipate from its aroma with a slight tropical undertone, which is surprising at the end.

Chemo’s flavor is usually described as being earthy and woody, with no real spark to it other than the fact that it feels natural and healthy. However, as the smoke settles in your mouth, you begin to notice a somewhat sweet aftertaste that aids the earthy tastes travel smoothly down to your lungs.

The aftertaste of Chemo is the flavor profile’s most powerful moment, and if you’re not prepared, it might be quite devastating. Your mouth feels clean, as though you’ve just drunk a glass of tropical juice.

The combination of sweet citrus and pineapple is the last thing you’d expect from such a hearty, raw strain; nevertheless, it’s a delicious conclusion to the trip.


Because of their washed-out appearance, some people also mistake chemical plants for wildflowers. Because chemical plants reach a height of approximately 3 feet, they may be kept indoors without requiring much area.

The leaves of Chemo cannabis plants have a washed-out color and are covered in white trichomes; they appear green. The buds are a dull green color with a thick layer of white trichomes, which gives the plant its washed-out appearance. When examining Chemo plants up close, some buds have a faint purple tinge to them.

Chemo plants have huge, distinctive leaves that stick out from the rest of the plant and are a very deep green in color. Chemo’s leaves are one of its most obvious physical features and one of the first things to look for when attempting to identify a Chemo plant.

Cannabis plants are treated with chemicals to increase their THC content. The THC concentration in Chemo is incredibly high, with an average of 29 percent. This puts it at the top of the THC scale because to the strain’s strong THC level. Those who use Chemo perceive such powerful and rapid effects as a result of the strain’s high THC concentration.

The exact CDB concentration in Chemo is unknown, however with all varieties, it’s a good idea to go by the adage that when THC is above average, CBD levels are usually low. This appears to be quite true with Chemo, as it has virtually no traces of CBD.

Because CBD oil is so popular as a health and wellness supplement, most people believe that when a strain has a low CBD content, it should have little to no therapeutic effects. This isn’t always the case – Chemo is primarily a medical strain with various healing properties.

Medical Benefits of the Chemo Strain

Chemo is a strain ideally suited for people undergoing chemotherapy, and as such, it has precise effects tailored to alleviate the negative symptoms of treatment. Chemo is frequently advised for individuals who wish to relieve the bad consequences of chemotherapy while avoiding the need to put their bodies through more artificial chemicals.

Another advantage of Chemo is its ability to relieve nausea. This can be a major issue for individuals undergoing chemotherapy, since eating a full meal and maintaining their spirits up may be difficult. The sense of continual sickness fades away as the effects of Chemo begin to manifest and your body relaxes, allowing you to unwind for a few hours.

Сhemo also boosts your appetite, making it simpler to follow a nutritious, planned diet. This strain’s nausea-reducing, appetite-boosting qualities make it ideal before supper, allowing you to get all of your essential nutrients and vitamins.

Сhemo can be used to alleviate pains and aches, especially when they are severe. It can also help to numb a general feeling of weariness and soreness that strikes when you’re run down. Chemo may also be taken as a natural pain reliever by individuals who aren’t going through chemotherapy but rather choose to use natural wellness products over pharmaceuticals.

Chemo is a potent indica that works as a sleep aid by allowing you to easily fall asleep. This is particularly useful when you’re feeling stressed or nervous, and it feels like sleeping might be impossible. The combination of pain alleviation and drowsiness aids in mental distraction by allowing you to mentally block out physical concerns and obtain a restful and revitalizing night’s sleep.

Some people claim that the uplifting mental effects of Chemo can help to dull the impact of depression, especially when it is connected to one’s physical well-being. While Chemo isn’t the greatest strain for dealing with sadness due to its strong sedative qualities, it may assist during the evening hours when you’ve completed your day’s duties and simply want a few hours of genuine rest.

Possible Side Effects of the Chemo Strain

Chemo’s main side effect is dry mouth, which is also a typical symptom of the disease. Unfortunately, this is a typical side effect with most types and Chemo has been unable to do so.

Maintain adequate hydration is essential to minimizing the consequences of dry mouth. Dry mouth, on the other hand, may be relieved by drinking enough water. A somewhat dry feeling in your mouth for a few hours may sometimes be a welcome change when compared to all of the benefits that smoking Chemo provides.

Given that Chemo can be used to treat pain, it may come as a surprise to discover that headaches are one of the Chemotherapy’s negative side effects. This is due to the strain’s high THC concentration, which may be difficult to process in larger doses and cause unpleasant reactions such as headaches. This is more likely if you have a low THC tolerance.

Dry eyes and dizziness are two less frequent negative effects, which most individuals find go away in a few hours but do not produce long-term health problems.

Some individuals who smoke Chemo in high doses report feeling nervousness; this is again more typical among those with a low THC tolerance. The effects can be somewhat reduced by surrounding yourself with people you like and are safe in.

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