Bruce Banished *Indica*

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The Bruce Banished souche, like the Hulk himself, is huge, green, and powerful. This strain has a THC concentration of 27 percent and can assist with headaches and any other condition that causes chronic pain. Despite its name, this strain has a rather sweet and delicate flavor and fragrance that reminds me of berries and candy.

The alter-ego of an often enraged and powerful comic book hero is Bruce Banished. Unlike the Hulk, this cannabis strain will not make your adrenaline rush or cause your blood to surge violently through your veins.

Instead, the Bruce Banished cannabis plant is expected to offer a cerebral and energetic buzz full of life and an uplifted mood. The effects gradually dissolve into a total melt into blissful relaxation and euphoric sensation that flutters throughout your body.

What Is the Bruce Banished Strain?

Bruce Banished marijuana is a hybride strain with an overall sativa dominance and a slight indica influence. It’s mentally stimulating while also providing a sense of physical relaxation. It’s an excellent mix for people looking to keep focused, alert, sharp, and calm while relieving any bodily aches or stresses they may be experiencing.

OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel were combined to create this strain by Delta 9 Labs. The Bruce Banished variety is known for having three distinct phenotypes, each of which has a strong punch and haut THC content.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is a stimulant that encourages you to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. You feel euphoric pleasure as cannabis consumes your negative emotions; it releases endorphins in your body that elevate your mood. Your muscles relax completely, and you may sense all of your tensions melting away as you replace them with a calm buzz that does not produce tiredness but instead an element of attention.


The fragrance of the Bruce Banished strain is distinct as soon as the buds are removed from their container. Bruce Banished, created by crossing OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, has a powerful diesel scent that is equally sweet, with floral and fruity undertones.


Bruce Banished weed has a sweetness that is reminiscent of sweet, naturally flavored candy with earthy, berry, and fruit undertones that are rich and juicy like freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer’s day.

The Bruce Banished cannabis strain has an unmistakable flavor and aroma that isn’t anything like what you’d expect a large green monster to have… It doesn’t taste (or smell) like the typical marijuana you’ve grown accustomed to.

The aroma of Bruce Banished is not as strong or sweet as other cannabis strains. This strain’s taste buds can detect minor tastes of floral notes, making it particularly suited for individuals looking to get more involved in the genuine “cannaisseur” experience rather than just the smoke’s quality.


The Hulk is a world-famous comic book superhero, and the hue of this beautiful bud is similar to that of the character. The Bruce Banished strain, which is bright and powerful green in hue, is healthy and lively thanks to brassy orange pistils that curl and twist throughout the trichome and resin-dotted sugar leaves.

This strain’s leaves have a wide reach with an equally dark and lush green color, providing the Hulk with various hues of green.

Bruce Banished Grow Info

Bananas, for example, are known to have a high tolerance for THC. There is also evidence that Bananas may actually enhance the effectiveness of cannabis when consumed in the same meal (particularly during OG Kush’s peak months). Because bananas have a similar growth profile to OG Kush, they generally reach great heights. As a result, you’ll need plenty of room especially if you’re growing indoors. Bruce Banished’s water leaves stretch far out and upwards, much like those on most sativa-dominant hybrids. A thick stem supports these heavy-yielding crops, which can get fat and densely packed colas when grown in the appropriate setting. Indoor yields of up to 21 ounces per square meter and 35 ounces per plant outside are typical.

You can also grow Bruce Banished in a warm, dry location outside. It’s a simple plant to cultivate and requires minimal care. It’s resistant to mold, powdery mildew, vermin, insects, and diseases and is low-maintenance.

If you cultivate Bruce Banished indoors, it will take around 9-10 weeks to flower. It’s vital to remember that this strain is ready for harvest by the end of October if you’re growing outside.

THC & CBD Content – Highest Test

  • THC levels in Bruce Banished are between 24% and 29%, with an average of 27%. This strain’s high is extremely potent, making it a poor choice for novices.
  • According to various studies, Bruce Banished can have up to 1% CBD, although most versions have considerably less.

Medical Benefits of the Bruce Banished Strain

The wide variety of CDB products available on the market allows individuals to manage their symptoms in a more effective manner. Many MMMJ users opt for Bruce Banished weed to alleviate the symptoms of chronic stress and pain disorders. A buzzing and relaxed condition, due to its body-numbing effects, might take the place of all pent-up physical tension and discomfort, potentially providing relief to the user.

Furthermore, Bruce Banished can help migraine and tiredness sufferers. People who suffer from mental health issues such as sadness, anxiety, or depression might benefit from this medicinal cannabis strain. They should only use it in tiny doses, however.

Edibles, sweets, concentrates, hash, bubble hash, live resin, and extracts are all methods of THC ingestion that include doses above the normal. As a result, we recommend extreme caution when using these items since you run the danger of being incapacitated.

Possible Side Effects of the Bruce Banished Strain

We must advise you that using Bruce Banished for a mental disorder might induce negative side effects such as THC-induced paranoia and anxiety.

Some users of Bruce Banished report difficulty breathing and cottonmouth (dry mouth), dehydration, and dry/itching eyes. You can alleviate the discomfort by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after using this strain. Eye drops that moisturize are also advised to combat dry, itchy eyes.

Final Thoughts on the Bruce Banished Strain

Overall, the Bruce Banished strain is quite powerful due to its quick acting characteristics and high THC concentration. It can be used to treat depression, persistent pain, and tiredness in MMJ patients. However, because of its strength and the risk of inducing anxiety or paranoia, it’s essential to use this strain carefully.

Bananas are easy to grow because of their resistance to mold and pests, as well as the lack of upkeep required. While you can grow it either inside or outside, most people would choose to do so indoors.

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