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The Banana souche is an OG Kush descendent. It’s a calm and restful experience with a banana aftertaste. According to customers, this indica has some strong sedative effects, which they like to use to treat sleeplessness and anxiety.

Many cannabis strains are created to produce specific tastes or feelings. Some strains create strong effects with particular tastes, while others concentrate the attention solely on the flavor.

The Banana OG or Banana, is a strain that falls into the latter category. It’s intended to make you think of bananas as much as possible. These days, most banana-flavored foods are manufactured rather than natural, but this strain strives to be as real and as close to bananas as possible.

About Banana Cannabis Strain

The Banana strain, often known as Banana OG, is a well-known member of the OG Kush family.

When you first consider the flavor and scent of bananas, you might think of banana-flavored fake things. The most noticeable flavor in banana-flavored products is the artificial banana smell. This is due to the fact that most banana goods are flavored with a type of banana that is no longer cultivated.

However, the flavor and smell of the Banana strain are as similar to those lovely bananas in your fruit bowl as possible. It’s also known for its calming effects.

Banana has many of the same qualities as any great indica strain with a decent genetic history. Banana has an immediate onset of relaxation and soothing effects, much like other good indicas. You will feel cheerful while also euphoric and ecstatic, leaving you feeling spry and energetic.

You will not be engulfed in a daze like with other, notorious indicas. You’ll want to get up and go about your business rather than falling into an unconscious stupor as you would with other, more notorious indicas. You may find yourself finishing a creative task or simply experiencing the world around you and going for a stroll.

However, as with all indicas, it will gradually descend into that comforting sense of calm. You won’t fall asleep and be unable to open your eyes. But you’ll want to lay down as quickly as possible and take a little rest using the nearest cushion.

You’ll be able to feel the urge to eat when your stomach begins rumbling and you experience that familiar pang of hunger. Unfortunately, you may not be in a position to handle it. It’s fantastic that Banana is delicious enough to trick you into believing you’ve already eaten!


When referring to Banana, a marijuana type with the flavor and fragrance of banana, it’s fairly obvious what the first flavor notes will be.

However, if a strain only possesses one aroma characteristic, many people would find it uninteresting. Good strains with strong traits have a variety of complex fragrances that make you want to come back for more.

Banana has a lot more to it than its name implies. You’ll get the first whiff of slightly overripe bananas, as well as an odd scent of tropical fruits, when you first smell it. There’s plenty of intense sweetness and a hint of an odd smell to it after that initial scent goes away.


Despite its name, Banana, the first thing you notice when this thick and hazy smoke enters your mouth is not bananas.

Instead, you’ll experience a burst of intense sweetness and a general sense of tropical fruits. It’s almost as if a pineapple and an enormous mound of various tropical fruits were simultaneously smacked against your tongue.

Following the initial rush of banana flavor, there are many distinct types. It has a softly fuzzy, almost tangy taste profile that lingers on your tongue for just a little too long.

It is more delicious than the taste of any banana I have previously encountered. It has the ripe bananas odor that has been left on the counter for only one day. This influence enhances the banana’s natural sweetness, making it even more delectable.

The aroma is similar to OG Kush, with a little skunkiness and a gasoline-like diesel scent on the highway. Bananas and delectable fruits, on the other hand, almost entirely drown it out.


Banana has a fairly stable structure, similar to many other OG Kush plants with strong indica tendencies. It has a very robust look, with lots of lively green stems emerging from the leaves.

This strain features a variety of oranges, which is typical for this type. These are the result of strangely elongated pistils that stick out and grind up into an appealing, potent powder as they pass through the bud.

The buds of Banana have few white trichomes, and the flavor is largely derived from within the bud. Despite this, there is a fair amount of power. Despite its unique flavour, Banana has no distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other strains. It’s not as distinctive as you’d think; in fact, it’s quite dependable and predictable. You could easily mistake Banana for another strain on the shelf because to its minimal white trichomes

The greatest approach to ensure you understand what you’re holding is to attempt to cultivate it yourself.

THC Content Test

Banana cannabis is famous for its intense effects, which are frequently characterized as being too powerful and overpowering. Because it has such a quick impact, it usually contains a lot of THC.

Expect Banana bud samples to have THC contents of 25% to 18%, with the majority in the mid-range. This indicates that this strain has been developed to produce as much THC as possible, making it a highly potent variety that must not be taken lightly.

If you’re a smoker who isn’t aware with marijuana, don’t smoke too much at once; if you aren’t ready for it, this amount of THC may be very dangerous to your health.

CBD Content Test

Although this strain was designed to have as much THC as possible, there is no CDB in the Banana strain, which is perhaps not surprising considering that it was developed particularly to contain as much THC as feasible. The sky’s the limit for OG Kush strains, as long as you can afford to spend a few thousand dollars per pound. Because so much effort was put into concentrating the THC in the flower, there is now no room for any CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Banana Cannabis Strain

Many individuals are under the impression that because a cannabis strain doesn’t contain much CBD, it can’t help anybody. Banana, for example, is great for treating a wide range of diseases due to her haut THC levels.

If you’d like to relieve stress and depression, try this. It’s especially beneficial for fighting off sad feelings. The pure joy and sense of purpose it provides is enough to drive all thoughts of sadness from your mind. It’s also helpful in the struggle against anxiety, as well as other mental disorders.

This strain, surprisingly, serves as a helpful smoking herb for writers who are having difficulty writing. Creative individuals may relieve their inhibitions and access their genuine creativity by opening their minds and allowing a feeling of genuine joy to flood in.

Bubba Kush fits in perfectly with Banana’s ability to reduce pain, especially that associated with chronic illness. Finally, at the point when you begin feeling gently drowsy, this strain will make your stomach rumble in the same way. This makes it ideal for handling pesky problems such as lack of appetite and insomnia while relaxing.

Possible Side Effects of the Banana Cannabis Strain

When you smoke marijuana, whether it’s an indica strain or not, you’re sure to have dry mouth and/or eyes. These two symptoms aren’t particularly harmful or distressing on their own. But when they’re combined, they become quite aggravating to deal with. To help combat dryness, keep some water on hand as well as a moist towel.

The Banana strain’s major flaw is that it produces a sense of paranoia and worry. Despite the fact that the Banana strain is typically utilized to treat those issues, this may appear strange because smoking too much can cause an adverse reaction.

If you’re not cautious, Banana can be overpowering in its effects owing to the high THC content. This results in a substantial increase in anxiety and paranoia. If you are anticipating paranoid sentiments as a result of smoking too much marijuana, consider saving some for later.

Finally, some individuals claim that smoking Banana makes them feel dizzy before they go to sleep. Similarly, by smoking only what you can manage, this problem may be avoided.


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