Banana Backwoods

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture d’inventaire et indisponible.

Backwoods Banana is a brand-new, extremely limited edition cigar that we’re excited to present. One of the most unusual cigars from the Backwoods brand. Handpicked, full-bodied leaves handpicked by artisan tobacco growers make up this one-of-a-kind and extinct variety. This all-natural tobacco cigar offers a taste experience like no other due on its aromatic tobacco and creamy banana undertones.

The Banana Backwoods is a rich, complex blend that improves the taste. The flavor of Banana Backwoods is both powerful and delicate, with undertones of pine in addition to primary vanilla characteristics.

Banana Backwoods is a rich and sweet flavor with a smooth, silky texture. It has notes of caramel and Belgian chocolate with a long lingering aftertaste.

Backwoods Banana are produced from a Dominican wrapper, Cameroon binder, and filler. The taste of these cigarettes is vanilla-esque with a touch of pine.

The Banana Backwoods Cigars’ mild flavor and smooth pull make them a great late-night smoke or one that you can enjoy at any time. Simply puff away and allow the waves of tranquility to soothe you into a state of peaceful bliss.

The Banana Backwoods Cigars are rustic-looking western-style stogies with a creamy smoothness and nuances of custard, vanilla, and dark coffee. You can get Backwoods Banana at our online store.

The calming effects of Backwoods last for hours and hours, leaving you feeling happy and relaxed in mind and body. The haut begins with a lifted cerebral impact that floods you with pure euphoria and delight, banishing any negative or anxious thoughts.

As your mind goes, your body will slowly settle into a slightly reclined position that leaves you totally calm and at ease with the world around you. The comedown is frequently drowsy, leaving you dozing off and on throughout it. Before you finally pass out into a long and restful slumber, it provides for some interesting effects (cannabis can cause). Its average THC content of 22-23% is thanks to these effects and their high THC concentration.

Backwoods Banana Cigars are a really nice after-dinner smoke or anytime. Simply take a puff and be carried away to waves of soothing calmness.


  • 1 packet of Backwoods Cigars.
  • Banana Flavor.
  • 5 x Flavored cigars per pack.
  • 100% Natural Tobacco.

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