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diy edible recipes 9 tasty cannabis edibles to make at home 33 DIY Edible Recipes: Guide To Cooking With Cannabis

DIY Edible Recipes: Guide To Cooking With Cannabis

As marijuana legalization becomes more widespread, cannabis edibles have become increasingly accepted in the mainstream. Think beyond traditional pot brownies and cookies – nut butter, guacamole, barbecue sauce, cheese…the possibilities are endless! While you can easily purchase pre-made products from your local dispensary, why not try making your own delicious homemade marijuana edibles? With so many diverse options available to choose from and create with ease at home – go ahead and get creative today!

If you’re curious to try your hand at crafting cannabis-infused concoctions from the comfort of your own home, we’ve got just what you need! Our comprehensive guide promises to make edibles simple and enjoyable. You’ll learn how to create staples such as cannabutter and oils, plus get inspired with our easy recipe ideas that are sure to tantalize the taste buds. So don’t wait—start making delicious marijuana-based treats today!

Introduction to edibles and baking with cannabis

What are edibles?

Cannabis edibles are any food that is infused with cannabis compounds like THC et CDB.

An ideal choice for those who don’t want to smoke cannabis, edibles are available in an impressive range of forms and strengths, such as chocolates, brownies, cookies, gummies, tea and hot sauce. In fact you can make almost anything into an edible – plus determine exactly how potent or mild it should be!

How do you cook or bake edibles?

To initiate the edible cooking and baking process, you’ll first need to activate decarboxylation (de-carb-ox-yl-a-tion). By heating cannabis, your body will be able to absorb cannabinoids like THC and CBD. When smoking marijuana, this activity is induced by a lighter’s flame.

To create edibles, THC must be decarboxylated to become easily absorbable by the body. However, this is done at a significantly lower temperature so as not to damage the plant material while you’re infusing it with butter or oil – whatever your cooking base of choice may be!

How do you store edibles after baking?

Are you curious about how to store your homemade marijuana edibles? Just like any other baked goods or cooked dishes, they have the same shelf life as a regular food product. Would you leave grandma’s cookies on the counter for more than a few days? Think of it this way – if your pot of chili has been out on the stovetop too long, it will go bad and so will your edibles! Plan ahead and keep freshness in mind when making them.

To maximize the flavor and freshness of your weed edibles, make sure to store them in an airtight container or bag. For goods that have been baked, you can even put them in the refrigerator for maximum preservation time!

Even if a cookie has gone stale, you are still able to consume it and experience the effects of THC for up to six months. The primary concern is that your baked good might spoil or become moldy; however, the taste may be compromised.

To avoid any sort of confusion, make certain to label your cannabis-infused edibles and always remember to keep them out of reach from minors. We have all heard the story of a housemate who thought they were eating an ordinary brownie not knowing it was infused with weed…so let’s be sure that doesn’t happen again!

How do you measure edible dosage for baking?

For optimal results, we suggest beginning with a minimal quantity of cannabis when concocting infused butter or oil and any other edible.

If you’re just beginning to explore the world of cannabis-infused edibles, start with a little less than what our recipes call for — such as 1/2 cup butter to 1/2 cup ground cannabis. That way if it doesn’t turn out quite how you expected, at least there won’t be too much disappointment! The best thing about this is that even if your edible isn’t as potent as intended, it can still make for an enjoyable experience.

Pro tip: For optimal results, record the ratio of cannabis to cooking ingredient that you use for your recipes. Trust me—you may think it’s simple enough to remember without writing anything down but after a few edibles, remembering exact measurements can be quite difficult! That way, if needed you’ll be able adjust or replicate the recipe with ease next time around.

What kind of equipment do I need to bake edibles?

Preparing delicious edibles doesn’t have to be a complex process. All you need is an oven and some basic baking tools such as a bowl, spoon, measuring cups and potentially even a whisk depending on the recipe – it’s that easy!

Oh, and some weed. Generally about 7-10 grams, or two eighths.

Will my neighbors be able to smell the edibles I’m baking?

Not a chance! Though the smell of cooking cannabis may linger in your kitchen for some time, it will never reach beyond its walls. Heating weed to make cannabutter or cannabis oil can be fragrant, yet you do not need to worry about alerting your neighbors. Rest assured that this process is safe and discrete – nothing but tasty treats await you at home!

diy edible recipes 9 tasty cannabis edibles to make at home 23 DIY Edible Recipes: Guide To Cooking With Cannabis

Cannabis butter and cannabis cooking oil recipes

To make any cannabis-based edible, you must first begin with a fat-soluble ingredient. This is key since THC and CBD are only activated after they have dissolved in fat or oil – making them available to your body for use.

Butter is a common ingredient in baking and it can easily be infused with cannabis. However, if you’re looking for alternative fat-soluble ingredients to use when making edibles, then consider cooking oil, coconut oil or honey as favorites!


Crafting cannabis-infused butter may sound intimidating; however, it is surprisingly simple and can be completed in just a couple of hours. If you prefer to leave the house while your infusion cooks, then simply start up your slow cooker overnight – as long as nothing else is left unattended on the stovetop!

Crafting an exquisite cannabutter concoction is as simple and straightforward as it gets. All you need are butter, water, marijuana, cheesecloth and a stovetop or slow cooker. Upon completion of your delectable delight, use the cannabutter just like regular butter in any baking recipe! And if you’re feeling creative, savor the flavor by adding additional ingredients such as honey with lavender for sweetness; roasted garlic combined with chives for herby notes; roasting jalapeño peppers along with cilantro-lime to spice things up – even raspberry jam to make it truly one of a kind.

Cannabis cooking oil

If you’d rather use oil than butter for your recipes, cannabis-infused cooking oil is a breeze to make! With just some cheesecloth, heat and any type of vegetable or nut-based oil (e.g. canola, olive, peanut and sesame), you’ll be able to infuse the marijuana flavors into your dish in no time using a stovetop or slow cooker.

Cannabis coconut oil

Not only does coconut oil smell and taste amazing, but it’s also full of beneficial fatty acids that make it a great all-around product to keep in your household. You can cook with the oil, use it for beauty treatments, or even infuse marijuana into it – making cannabis cooking far easier than before!

If you want to make a batch of marijuana-infused coconut oil, all it takes is your favorite souche of cannabis, some quality Coconut Oil, cheesecloth and either a stovetop or slow cooker. Once the infusion process is complete and the concoction has cooled down – voilà! It can be added to any type of dish for cooking purposes or applied directly onto skin as if it were lotion itself. So why not give this easy recipe a try?

Cannabis honey

If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, reach for cannabis honey! Whether it’s stirred into tea or coffee, drizzled over desserts, or eaten with just a spoonful of love – this delicious snack is sure to please. Just be prepared: things can get messy when indulging in cannabis honey.

Create a batch of scrumptious marijuana honey right in your own home with just some cheesecloth, honey, weed and either a stove or slow cooker. Although the process may be slightly sticky at times, it is all worth it when you get to store this delicious treat for 1-2 months! With proper storage methods, you can enjoy cannabis infused honey whenever you’d like!

Cannabis tinctures

Marijuana tinctures offer a convenient way to consume cannabis because they can be easily added to any food or drink, and even placed under your tongue for rapid effects. Although exceptionally versatile, these concoctions are quite time-consuming; you will need weeks to make them correctly! Be sure that you allocate some of your schedule each day over the following few weeks in order to give the mixture its daily shake.

Creating a DIY marijuana tincture is easy, but you must have the right ingredients! You’ll need haut-proof alcohol or glycerin, cannabis flower buds (or trim), a Mason jar with lid, cheesecloth or coffee filter, and lastly an airtight container with dropper to store the finished product. Once completed, your homemade tincture should be kept in cool conditions for optimal preservation.

Cannabis-infused dessert recipes

Pot Brownies

Why are pot brownies so popular among cannabis bakers? Simple: the delicious, chocolaty flavor of this classic recipe serves to mask any telltale pungent notes from its infused elements. That’s why people think about baking with cannabis and instantly conjure up an image of a scrumptious pot brownie!

Brownies usually abide by the pizza principle – even when they’re lackluster, you still enjoy them. However, there’s nothing like homemade brownies! Whether your pot brownies come from a box mix or an original family recipe – or even Martha Stewart via her friendship with Snoop Dogg – the effects are sure to be scrumptious and delightful.

Cannabis-infused peanut butter cookies

For those of us who love quick, easy and classic baked treats, marijuana-infused peanut butter cookies are the perfect snack! All you need is a few ingredients: Butter. Sugar. Peanut butter. Eggs and Flour – no added bells or whistles necessary – just pure goodness!

Why not take a classic peanut butter cookie recipe and add an extra special ingredient? For something that’s both sweet and savory, try tossing in 1/2 cup of bacon bits! If you’re looking for an additional kick, this infused marijuana bacon recipe is sure to do the trick. With just a few simple ingredients you can create cannabis-infused cookies your friends will be raving about!

Cannabis birthday cake

Looking to make your upcoming birthday bash unforgettable? Look no further than this scrumptious cannabis-infused vanilla cake spruced up with rainbow sprinkles. Whether you’re ringing in another year, or celebrating the legalization of marijuana, this confection is sure to make everyone’s day – not just because it tastes amazing but also due to its special “secret” ingredient that will keep them buzzing!

diy edible recipes 9 tasty cannabis edibles to make at home 4 DIY Edible Recipes: Guide To Cooking With Cannabis

Edible gummies recipe

Are you looking for an edible that is both simple to transport and easy to create? Infused marijuana gummies might be exactly what you need! It may come as a surprise, but making these tasty treats in the comfort of your own home is even simpler than it sounds. So if baked goods aren’t quite your style, why not give homemade infused gummies a try?

THC gummy bears

You can use a basic gummy recipe to make delicious and fun combinations of shapes, flavors, and colors. For instance, you could try strawberry-flavored fish, lime-infused worms, peach rings or even grape dinosaurs! And the best part is that by using this easy marijuana infused gummy bear recipe as your starting point – transforming ordinary treats into extraordinary creations has never been simpler. To craft your own cannabis-infused gummies, you’ll require a food grade condiment bottle, silicone molds in the same category, a saucepan for cooking as well as a funnel to pour through. You will also need measuring cups and spoons plus THC tincture–plus fruit juice or coconut water; gelatin powder or agar-agar are essential items too! Sweeten with creamed honey (or whichever sweetener you prefer) along with some salt and green tea bags (replace these teabags if desired). Now it’s time to start creating your delicious treats!

Cannabis drink recipes

Unlike most ingredients, cannabis is fat-soluble rather than water-soluble, making it perfect for binding to butter and oils. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still infuse drinks with the ingredient! Instead of regular H20 as your base liquid, use a cannabis-infused oil or honey instead. Additionally, if you’d like to add just a hint of flavor without having an overly potent effet on your drink’s taste profile — try adding in a couple drops of cannabis tincture into any beverage.

Cannabis-infused tea

For a low-intensity and calming tea, try infusing water with dry marijuana flower for your brew. While the strength of this cup might be less than desired due to cannabis being fat-soluble, it’s still an ideal choice if you’re looking for something mild yet soothing!

For an even more powerful tea, you can use cannabis-infused honey or tincture. Or if you’re looking to make a decadent cannabis latte, why not try incorporating infused coconut oil or cannabutter for some added flavor and richness? In any case, the possibilities are endless!

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