Death Tuna
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Death Tuna



Meet Death Tuna , the rockstar lhappyovechild of two BC legends, Black Tuna and Death Bubba! This indica powerhouse doesn’t mess around, boasting a mind-blowing THC content that skyrockets up to 30%! Picture this: the ultimate chill pill that takes the already calming vibes of its parent strains and cranks them up to create the ultimate unwind experience. Death Tuna doesn’t just relax; it’s practically a chill wizard, wrapping you in a euphoric blanket of tranquility before gently nudging you into the dreamland. Forget ordinary flavors; Death Tuna is like your average tuna, but on steroids – a pungent symphony of dank, earthy goodness that’s perfect for those craving a seriously potent adventure. It’s not just a strain; it’s a one-way ticket to relaxation paradise!

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