Durban Poison
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Durban Poison



Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure with this supercharged strain! creatiurban Poison , a pure sativa, is the cool kid on the cannabis block, hailing all the way from South Africa. Discovered by the legendary American cannabis activist Ed Rosenthal in the groovy ’70s, it’s been a stoner and medical marijuana patient favorite ever since. Clocking in with THC levels that can skyrocket to 24%, Durban Poison is like the superhero of strains. Brace yourself for a powerful, happy head high that’s perfect for unleashing your creativity during daytime escapades. Just be cautious, as a touch of paranoia and a case of the dreaded dry mouth might join the party. But fear not! Durban Poison is not just a wild ride; it’s also a superhero in the realm of wellness. Combatting depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea, this strain is a real multitasker. Plus, it’s the ideal candidate for crafting concentrates, with its buds decked out in oversized trichomes. As if that wasn’t enough, Durban Poison brings a sensory symphony to your taste buds and nose. Picture an earthy and sweet flavor profile with a subtle piney aroma – it’s a delicious experience that adds an extra layer of fun to this powerhouse strain. So, gear up and get ready to ride the Durban wave!

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