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The strain’s name is derived from Project MK Ultra, the CIA’s covert mind-control programs conducted on civilians and government officials during the 1950s. It is an Indica-dominant cannabis cultivar. It was given its name after Project MK Ultra, the CIA’s covert mind-control operations carried out on people and government officials during the 1950s. You can buy MK Ultra at our online store.

MK Ultra is a sativa-dominant hybrid that may be used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, depression, emotional disorders, headaches and anxiety. Despite its intimidating name, using it will quickly explain why it has this moniker – MK Ultra is one of the most powerful Indica strains ever created, producing HIGHLY powerful and hypnotic cerebral effects. In fact, in 2003 it took first place in the Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup with a THC level of 18 percent. Its CBD content stands around 0.1 percent.

Hinds are tiny and reach a height of approximately 100 to 120cm. It has sticky, dense, and pungent blooms with tight, resin-coated buds that are extremely sticky and almost white in color. Its odd fragrance is made up of burning plastic mingled with lemon and diesel. Its flavor, on the other hand, is nothing unusual: it’s a piney, earthy sweet with a hint of mustiness. The smoke from this strain is quite smooth.

This potent strain is recognized as one of the world’s most powerful Indicas. Its sedative cerebral effects manifest almost instantly. MK Ultra makes excellent use of eyelids that become very heavy and droop while smoking it, making it ideal for individuals suffering from sleeplessness. It induces a deep couch lock, making it perfect for alleviating tension.

Users frequently exhibit symptoms of glee after using it, with an everlasting grin on their faces. As a result, depression can be treated with this exceptional variety as well.

The T.H. Seeds MK Ultra was developed first. It’s a short plant that may be cultivated both indoors and outside. It takes 8-9 weeks to bloom and produces an above-average 350g per m2 of yield.

THCV (THC-Free) is a medical marijuana strain with an extremely high success rate that has all of the soothing characteristics needed for nighttime and late-night usage.

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