Runtz Cake


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Runtz Cake is a 50 percent indica/50 percent sativa hybrid strain developed through crossing the delectable Zkittlez X Gelato strains. Runtz Cake is a wonderful bud for any hybrid enthusiast, since it has an excellent taste. The smell is quite comparable, with a strongly sour citrusy undertone complemented by fresh berry candy and sugary fruits that get more sweet as you burn away the nuggets.The Runtz Cake high delivers a few minutes after your final breath, flooding your mind with a lifted mood of energy and creativity along with a stimulating tingling in the back of your head and neck. This tingle will quickly spread throughout your whole body, leaving you feeling entirely relaxed from head to toe and pleasurable at times. If you have things to do, be careful about using too much. Runtz Cake is a strain with a high 22-24 percent THC concentration, which makes it ideal for treating chronic stress, headaches or migraines, depression, pain, sleeplessness and tiredness. This plant has dense forest green popcorn-shaped nuggets with amber undertones and translucent amber hairs. You may get Runtz Cake at our online store.

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