Bubble Bath
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Bubble Bath



Slide into the suds of tranquility with Bubble Bath , a sublime strain that’s a bit more indica-leaning (60%) than sativa (40%). Born from the union of The Soap and Project 4516 strains, this terrific toke is just the ticket to total tranquility, much like a hot, steamy bubble bath. The soothing effects gently cascade over you, massaging your mind and body into a state of serene calm, melting away any lingering aches or pains. You’ll feel a wave of peace wash from your crown to your toes, leaving you pleasantly foggy-headed and blissfully detached from reality. And if you’re not careful, this tranquil lullaby can lull you into a peaceful, hours-long nap. Thanks to its potent 26-28% average THC level, Bubble Bath makes a brilliant choice for tackling troubles like insomnia, chronic stress, headaches or migraines, depression, and arthritis. This bud boasts a bouquet of sweet and spicy floral herbiness, kissed with whispers of earthy diesel and woody pine. The aroma is an enchanting forest walk, infused with a spicy kick of diesel and an earthy freshness that’s simply irresistible

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