Pine Tar Kush



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Legends never truly pass away, and since Pine Tar Kush is a direct descendent of Pakistani landrace plants, you can rest confident that anytime you smoke it, you’ll be in for an exceptional experience. This pure indica strain from Old Dreams Genetics will make you feel fantastic every night thanks to the mysterious group behind it. You can buy Pine Tar Kush at our online store.

This strain, which is derived from the Snowcap at BC Bud Depot and possesses a 20% average THC content, is great for users of all experience levels. Nugs are breathtaking with tiny, round silhouettes flecked with golden trichomes and tons of sticky resin. This bud has a rather strong pine flavor and aroma to it, as you would expect from its name, however it’s tempered with a little skunk and citrus to make things seem less monotonous. If you enjoy sweeter or fruitier strains, this isn’t the lady for you.

Upon consuming a pure indica strain, you may expect some amazing effects. A feeling of joy will overwhelm you at first, accompanied by some mental focus that can aid with last-minute chores for the day. Soon afterward, however, a buzzing in the back of your head will crawl down your neck and into each of your limbs, bringing you to a place of total calm with just a touch of laughter. Sleep will come soon after; before going to bed, make sure to stock up on snacks and satisfy those hunger pangs.

Pine Tar Kush is well-suited for a variety of medical conditions, such as nausea and loss of appetite. Her upbeat attitude makes dealing with stress and depression at the end of a long day much easier. After a few tokes of this powerful strain, generalized pain including muscular spasms, cramps, and headaches tend to go away.

In general, landrace strains are robust plants that may be grown in one’s home garden. Pine Tar Kush can handle extremely hot and humid conditions, but it is also suited for indoor cultivation. Even if you don’t have much space, this indica is good because her plants stay low after maturity. Pine Tar Kush can produce a lot of cannabis with little work in as few as 7 to 9 weeks inside.

If you enjoy indica buds and want to try a historical variety, Pine Tar Kush is a good option the next time you’re shopping for something new. As with all powerful strains, be careful about how much you smoke and prepare some food in advance. Perhaps a few pillows and blankets are required, as you’ll likely fall asleep before long.

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