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disposable thc vaporizer 2 LONDON DONOVAN: LD Disposable Pens Review

LONDON DONOVAN: LD Disposable Pens Review

You’ve probably heard of disposable vapes pens if you’ve ever dealt with vaping (or been around someone who vapes). They’re the ideal choice for those looking for simplicity. In recent years, pocket-friendly little devices have taken off in the vape community, so we thought it was time to clarify how they operate, who they’re best suited for, and how to get the most out of them.


The award-winning BBTANK B1201 is used in the disposable THC pens from Donovan. To provide consistent taste from beginning to end, these pens employ 3rd generation BBGear ceramic coil technology. Each pen contains 0.3g of our haut potency THC distillate and Designer souche specific terpenes are reintroduced to create maximum flavor without sacrificing efficacy. The process of distillation is used in order to create these pens, resulting in a Delta9 THC content that is always above 92%. Stylos jetables LD have been designed so that customers can easily enjoy a high-quality experience. Breathe slowly and evenly from the top until you see the battery light turn red to start using it. If you would like more information about our quality assurance measures, please visit our lab results page to view third-party test results.

LD Platinum Disposable THC Vaporizer

The London Donovan Platinum Pens utilize CCELL technology, combining ceramic heating elements with high performing disposable vape batteries for a smooth and premium experience. Filled with 0.3g of 2nd pass distillate, these pens only use the purest distillate that tested over 92% Delta9 THC. To add to the platinum experience, these pens utilize all natural strain-specific cannabis terpenes through a hydrocarbon extraction method. This pen is activated by inhalation, and when it’s in use, the battery will glow. Only distillate and terpenes are used in this product; there are no additives. Please go to London Donovan lab results page to view 3rd party test results for quality assurance.

disposable thc vaporizer 4 LONDON DONOVAN: LD Disposable Pens Review

LD Disposable CBD/THC Vaporizer

The first two disposable vaporizers were created for specific purposes. Filled with .3g of hemp distillate, which is a naturally occurring combination of CDB and THC, flavored with a distinct blend of terpenes to produce various effects,

What Is A Disposable Vape?

Nowadays, you have a plethora of options to choose from for vaping, regardless of your level of experience. E-cigarettes were designed as a safer replacement for smoking, and the disposable kit was created to imitate the cigarette-like experience. Unlike more sophisticated kits, disposable ones don’t have any buttons; You don’t need to recharge them; and they provide a restricted inhale.

Newcomers to vaping might be overwhelmed by all of the different settings, buttons, and parts on an e-cigarette. Nic salt formulations are designed to give you a stronger nicotine hit that is similar to what you would get from a conventional cigarette. Additionally, these products deliver a smooth inhale. Disposable kits were created to take away all of the extra settings and upkeep requirements in order to make things as simple as possible. They generally come with the same number of puffs as you’d get from a 20 pack of cigarettes, although they vary somewhat depending on how big their battery is and how much vape juice it holds. Which brings us to the next question:

How Do Disposable Pens Work?

The three key parts of a disposable vape are the battery, pod, and coil. The battery is typically within the 400mAh to 750mAh range, which dictates how much charge it can hold. Once the e-liquid is used up, the vape will die – but thanks to a little chipset inside, it’ll activate when you inhale on the mouthpiece. You won’t have to worry about turning them on or off, and they won’t get switched on by accident while they’re in your pocket, since there are no buttons. Depending on the size of the pod and the battery in the kit, most disposable vapes will give you between 400 and 700 puffs.

Disposable vapes are prefilled, closed-system pods that have a high resistance coil and give you a restricted, cigarette style draw. The coil is composed of a heating element surrounded by cotton, which absorbs the e-liquid in the pod. When you breathe out, the battery warms the metal, causing it to evaporate away the vape liquid in the cotton wicking material – resulting in a tasty little vapor cloud.

Why Should I Use A Disposable Vape?

You may choose a disposable vape kit over a more traditional refillable option for a few reasons. The most obvious reason is that you’re new to vaping and you want something easy to use that will give you a good dose of nicotine to help satisfy your cravings. These kits are truly designed for simplicity. They don’t require you to refill juice levels, replace pods or coils, or recharge them, and they only have one purpose: to assist you in switching from smoking to vaping. When it comes to nicotine potency and a mouth-to-lung inhale that is comparable to smoking, disposable kits are an excellent option for beginners.

You may also be a vaper of convenience. Some individuals have a refillable device they use at home on a regular basis, but if you’re out and about (or even prone to losing things at a night out) disposable vape kits are an excellent alternative for you. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket, so you won’t have to take any vape juice with you, and they allow you to save money. Another benefit is that they’re cheap enough that if you lose your disposable vape, replacing it isn’t too expensive. They’re also great for social smokers who smoke only a few cigarettes throughout the week and are attempting to quit.

disposable thc vaporizer 3 LONDON DONOVAN: LD Disposable Pens Review

What Causes Dry Heat

A dry hit occurs when you take a drag on your vape and receive a hot, vapourless, and burned taste. The distinction between cigarettes and vape kits is the key to comprehending dry hits. When you smoke, the number of puffs in your cigarette is quite limited. As a result, you typically smoke faster to get the most out of it before it burns down. Even a small disposable kit will usually give you at least 400 puffs before running out when using a vape.

If you vape too quickly, as if it were a cigarette, the e-liquid in the wicking material will heat up and be inhaled away quickly. The coils inside disposable vape kits are much smaller than more advanced options, meaning that the cotton takes longer to resaturate between puffs. You can take your time with a vape, but also need to be more aware of when you satisfy the nicotine craving rather than just puffing continually. When you inhale too rapidly without giving your cotton wicking adequate time to refill, the juice will dry up, so there will be no steam to warm up before your next inhalation. So, when there’s no vape juice to evaporate, the metal heats up instead. The damp cotton gets charred as a result of this and has a harsh metallic flavor when you breathe out.

You can also get dry hits if your disposable kit is running low on e-liquid. Keeping an eye on the amount of vape juice remaining inside is a good idea. It’s a good idea to store your disposable kit upright to allow the liquid to properly soak into the tiny spaces in the coil, thus you’ll not only get the most out of it, but you’ll also avoid any unpleasant dry hits.

When Should You Replace Your Disposable Vape Kit?

After much use, you’ll need to replace your kit with a new one when either the pod runs out of juice or the battery can no longer activate upon inhalation.

Another important thing to remember about disposable kits is that they’re mostly intended to get you started with vaping and to help you quit cigarettes (or keep as a handy backup option). They’re a great way to test out vaping while also determining which nicotine strength works best for you. With all of the available options for disposable vape kits on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. Each brand and model offers something unique, from battery size to e-liquid type. However, if you plan on vaping long-term, it’s more cost effective to switch to a kit with replaceable or refillable pods. Once you’re familiar with how vaping feels, you’ll know what your preferences are and can make a better informed decision about which e-cigarette will suit your needs best.

If you want to try out e-cigarettes but aren’t sure which disposable vape is best for you, we can definitely help you narrow down your options.

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