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how to smoke weed 10 How to Smoke Weed

How to Smoke Weed

Yes, believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to smoke weed. To make sure you’re doing it the correct way and to avoid any awkward situations, we’ve gone ahead and put together some tips on proper smoking etiquette. We’ll also teach you how to avoid coughing after taking a big hit of THC-infused herb. So without further ado, let’s find out how to properly enjoy your next smoking session!

It’s easy to understand how smoking marijuana works. You roll a joint, light it, and take two big drags before handing it on to the next person. Isn’t it?

Despite this, many people seem to make mistakes along the way, resulting in unfavorable circumstances and, in some cases, a not-so-favourable viewpoint on marijuana.

This is not the case, though! We’ll show you how to smoke weed correctly in the following sections. This stoner expert’s advice should be a quick reminder of the dos and don’ts of recreational marijuana so that you, and your cannabis-smoking buddies, may have an excellent time. Then we go through some essential information on avoiding heavy coughing when smoking.

how to smoke weed 8 How to Smoke Weed

How to Properly Smoke Weed: Follow the Weed Rules

In other words, here’s what you need to know about social cannabis etiquette. Make sure to remember these pointers next time you go out with friends for a smoke.

Bring Your Own Weed

If you receive an invitation to a weed party, it’s considered courteous to bring your own stash (preferably of a different souche) or some snacks.

If You Grow Your Own, Share It With Everyone

It would be nice to share your own cannabis with others if you cultivate it. This will put both your green thumb and trimming/curing abilities to the test.

Roll, if You’ve Mastered the Art

Before you hand-roll someone else’s joint, be confident that you can do it well. There’s no use in wasting time and resources if you’re not good at it. Let those who are better suited for the task handle it instead.

Demand Good Paper

Finding the appropriate equipment is critical to providing a unique experience. It all comes together to improve your smoking experience, from top-of-the-line rolling papers to a lighter that actually works. Avoid using low-quality materials, especially for something you’ll put into your body.

Know Your Roller’s Rights

If you managed to roll a perfect joint, you get the honour of lighting it. These are smoking weed rules that everyone has followed since time immemorial. Breaking them would be considered a sin.

how to smoke weed 7 How to Smoke Weed

Puff, Puff, Pass

The name is self-explanatory. It’s because you get a maximum of two puffs before passing it on to the next person. Don’t take the joint for yourself.

Keep Your Saliva Where It Belongs

Passing a joint involves exchanging saliva with individuals. Still, keep moisture levels to a bare minimum. Not only does it damage the filter’s integrity, but it’s also unpleasant.

Start Rolling a New Joint Before It Finishes

If you want to keep the party going all night, be cautious. When the joint has reduced in size, it’s time to roll a new one.

Avoid Spilling Ash

To reduce the amount you have to clean up, be attentive to where your ash is going. Keep an ashtray or a garbage can next to you so that you can properly dispose of the ashes without making a mess.

Pass It in the Proper Way

You should always pass a joint with the filter-side facing the next person; it will be much easier for them to grab. If you pass it lit-side forward, you’ll most likely regret it later.

Stick to the Original Rotation

If you’re already rotating clockwise, keep it up. Do not disrupt the flow of the rotation. That’s one way to make a bad first impression.

Don’t Exhale Onto Other People’s Faces

This is just the worst form of inconsideration. Exhaling should not be performed in front of others. Directly blowing toward a person may earn you many enemies in one go.

Don’t Pass the Roach

If you NOTICE that the joint is almost burning to the filter, it’s probably best if you don’t smoke it and just get rid of it.

how to smoke weed 6 How to Smoke Weed

No Peer Pressure

If someone turns down your offer, don’t pressure them into accepting. Just walk away and respect their decision.

Respect the Space

If you’re smoking weed in someone else’s home, follow the house rules. Keep your distance from people who don’t enjoy being around marijuana smoke. In other words: respect their space.

Don’t Get Down With the Sickness

If you’re not feeling well, it’s best to stay home and avoid a weed party. You wouldn’t want to pass your sickness along by sharing a joint, now would you?

Don’t Be a Buzzkill

If you want the smoke session to be positive, try not to bring any negative energy with you. This also means avoiding hot button topics like politics or religion that could create tension within the group.

Drop Some Knowledge

If you have a lot of expertise on marijuana, share it! New strain information will always pique the interest of smokers. Simply describe them in a way that won’t make you appear pompous or condescending.

Why Does Weed Make You Cough?

Coughing is our body’s natural reaction to any form of smoke entering the lungs. When we cough, it helps expel harmful substances and let in air.

It’s worth noting, however, that when you smoke marijuana, it is only natural to experience light coughing from time to time. Because your throat may be dry and irritated, the response is likely. However, if you’re suffering with a persistent or severe hacking cough every time you smoke, you should seek medical attention.

Here are some ideas to avoid coughing when smoking.

how to smoke weed 11 How to Smoke Weed

Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you find yourself coughing excessively when smoking, it’s likely because your throat is dry. Hydrate yourself by drinking juice or water.

Get High-Quality Weed

If a particular weed gives you and your friends bad coughing fits, it might be due to poor cultivation or curing. When buds are treated with chemicals or exposed to too much humidity, it’s best to smoke something else of better quality.

Avoid Stems or Seeds

Weed that’s of below-average quality will make you cough. Not only are seeds and stems not pleasurable to smoke, but you end up overpaying for cannabis that doesn’t even get you haut. If you encounter a seedy, stem-filled stash, say no thanks.

Use Quality Paper

Nowadays, you can purchase rolling papers made with more natural ingredients like hemp. Be sure to avoid anything that wouldn’t be suitable for twisting up joints, such as cigarette paper, as this could potentially be harsh on your lungs.

Grind It Well

This is self-explanatory. When cannabis is finely ground, it produces a smoother, less smoky effet. That also implies less hacking, which is the whole idea of this section.

Roll Like a Pro

If you pack your joint too tight or not enough, it will result in an uneven burn and cause you to cough—even if the material is of good quality. Get rid of the excess paper after rolling by igniting it so that you won’t have to inhale as much when smoking.

Don’t Mix It With Tobacco

Forget about the tobacco if you just want to smoke fewer cigarettes. It’s a chemical that can harm your lungs, causing you to cough in the long run.

how to smoke weed 9 How to Smoke Weed

Don’t Inhale During Ignition

The first spark will be a smoky experience, and once you start breathing in, it goes straight to your lungs. After that first puff, no one wants to hack for a long time.

Take Smaller Hits

Take little puffs in a group setting, especially if you’re with a lot of people. It’s not only the more considerate thing to do, but it also keeps you from inhaling too much and coughing out your lungs.

Don’t Hold the Smoke

You won’t get any higher by holding the smoke. That subtle boost in energy you may feel is your body telling you that you’re not getting enough air. This pointless practice should be abandoned.

Try Vaping or Edibles for a While

You’re likely to cough a lot if you use the same technique of consumption as your partner. Smoking should be avoided for a while, especially since it’s legal in California now.

Take Note of These Weed Smoking Tips

You may already be aware of these instructions if you’re a veteran smoker. But if you’re a novice, much of this information may be new to you. However, regardless of where you belong on the spectrum, these dos and don’ts are always worth considering—and we all need a reminder now and again!

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