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How Cannabis Can Be a Life Saver 1 How Cannabis Can Be a Life Saver

How Cannabis Can Be a Life Saver

CANNABIS has a “Cann Do” attitude, which means it’s dedicated to assisting people and animals in healing their bodies, minds, and spirits. Marijuana has long been associated with good vibes, spiritual and physical healing, and leisure for stressed brains. Anxiety, stress, poor sleep quality, or the pains and aches of daily life may be relieved by cannabis use; as a result, most individuals try marijuana for the first time for these “daily grind” problems. Many of us have heard the stereotypes about being “stoned” before: euphoria, drowsiness, relaxation, hunger (munchies), spiritual or intellectual enlightenment, and a love for fun and laughter. Now that we’ve established that these effects are not harmful, do any of these sound like “negative after-effects”? These features of cannabis use are strongly stigmatized; in fact, they demonstrate several of the plant’s health advantages. You can buy this product in our boutique.

How Cannabis Can Be a Life Saver 2 How Cannabis Can Be a Life Saver
How Cannabis Can Be a Life Saver

Cannabis, in general, is a great source of “chill,” that elusive quality of relaxation, calm and coolness that many of us seek in our hectic existences. Marijuana may bring about mental calm, physical relaxation, and it does so without producing any long-term or serious negative effects. There are concerns about young people using haut dosages of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and the possibility of negative long-term effects on their brains, but these studies are as recent and in progress as the rest of cannabis research today. It is difficult to deny the beneficial effects of cannabis for those suffering from severe anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, or other neurological diseases until we have hard evidence proving otherwise.

Cannabis use is linked to decreased risk of obesity, diabetes, traumatic brain injury mortality, alcohol and prescription drug usage, vehicle deaths, and opioid overdose deaths, according to a review published last month by Indiana University South Bend’s Biology Department chair Thomas M. Clark.

While the new paper has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, Clark took into account the findings of 222 prior studies when compiling his calculations.

“Prohibition is responsible for an estimated minimum of 6,100 to 9,000 deaths each year due to a lack of access to medical marijuana as well as extra fatalities from cancer, diabetes mellitus, and TBI arising from a reduction in the numbers of people using marijuana,” the study adds. “Overall, prohibition is considered to be equally fatal as drunk driving, homicide, or fatal opioid overdose.”

Cannabis Changes Lives

Why do people choose to buy cannabis from online dispensaries in Canada? Many Canadians turn to or have a loved one who relies on cannabis to maintain their quality of life. Cannabis has the ability to improve several health factors, including sleep, hunger, and stress. However, for many individuals, its impact is greater. Marijuana is essential to both short- and long-term health for Canadians living with severe illnesses such as cancer, dementia, arthritis, or epilepsy. Imagine being unable to get out of bed because you are in agony from severely debilitating discomfort and swollen joints? Or having frequent seizures that can not only inconvenience a person but also lead to serious harm or death? These symptoms are a reality for too many individuals, and the therapies for them might be costly, time-consuming, or even dangerous to one’s health.

Cancer is an unfortunate reality for many Canadians. Cancer, in its many forms, has become a familiar component of many people’s lives, affecting both young and old, healthy as well as sickly individuals. We’re still trying to figure out what causes cancer, but even with all the knowledge we’ve amassed over time, this illness has caused misery and suffering across the world. Many cancer therapies exist, but the most frequent disadvantage of these treatments is their harmful effects on the body. Cancer and its treatments can frequently bring a person’s immune system and general health to an all-time low. While you’re battling the greatest battle of your life, you need to be at your best possible health to have a fighting chance, but this isn’t always the case when attempting to reverse cancer’s consequences.

What can a person do when faced with these critical problems but to try to maintain their health and hope for a quick recovery? This is where cannabis has truly been transformed from a household, all-around cure into today’s plant-based healing phenomenon.

In Canada, cannabis has a long and illustrious history of being used to treat serious illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, and arthritis. It was because of Terence Parker’s struggle in Canadian courts for the “right to access life-changing medication (marijuana)” that we have legalized cannabis today.

This is simply the start, as the number of treatable problems that marijuana may help with continues to rise beyond the 150 most common accepted conditions. We recommend visiting this database to learn how cannabis might be used in your quest for better health to discover more about the numerous documented marijuana therapies. Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Cancer are a few of the most well-known ailments for which cannabis has been proven to have a big impact.

Cannabis and its ties to epilepsy have lately dominated the headlines, and for good reason. Many of us may have seen the popular videos and news reports of people (and children) having epileptic seizures while rubbing cannabis oil on their skin. The seizure stops or subsides rapidly once cannabis oil is introduced to the patient’s system. The promise of CDB for seizures has attracted a great deal of attention, with many parents claiming it is a “miracle cure” for their children. The enthusiasm for medical marijuana for seizures is breathtaking, and almost 150,000 Canadians have epilepsy today. Almost 150,000 people in Canada suffer from epilepsy today, but CBD-rich treatments have been demonstrated to reduce the number and intensity of seizure drastically – both in terms of reducing the incidence of seizures and reducing the severity of attacks.

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