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Bubbler Pipe How to Pick The Best One 1 Bubbler Pipe: How to Pick The Best One

Bubbler Pipe: How to Pick The Best One

Over the years, the manner in which individuals smoke marijuana has stayed quite constant, with many people rolling their marijuana into a joint, inserting it into a bong or packing it into a pipe. It’s only been within the last several years that we’ve seen a shift in how people take cannabis, with technology and invocation making an important contribution to the development of new smoking methods. The bubbler pipe is the future of puffing on cannabis, as it offers a style of consumption that hasn’t been seen before. Bubblers are a type of smoking equipment that allows for a smooth hit by combining the simplicity of a pipe with the smoothness of a bong, allowing users to enjoy the best of both worlds in one device. You can buy this product in our boutique.

What Is a Bubbler?

Bubbler Pipe How to Pick The Best One 2 Bubbler Pipe: How to Pick The Best One
Bubbler Pipe: How to Pick The Best One

Bubblers, like bongs, have a mouthpiece, bowl, stem, and water chamber. Bubblers differ from bongs in that they usually feature a fixed non-removable mouthpiece and a carb.

There are many different varieties of bubbler:

Hammer: It’s a hammer, as the name implies. It can sit on a flat surface without rolling around due to its steady design.

Sherlock: The piece you hold in your hand looks like a Sherlock Holmes’ tobacco pipe. It appears to be a hammer bubbler, but it has an “S” curve.

Sidecar: The mouthpiece and stem are located on the water chamber’s side. Water splash-back is one of the most common concerns when it comes to showering in a forward-facing position.

Pendant: The smallest of the three is this one. It has a tiny hole/ring so it can be linked to a chain.

Concentrate: Designed to be used with concentrates and oils instead of flowers. It is similar to a dab rig but is smaller.

Double bubblers: A twin-chambered percolator, also known as a dual percolator, is one example. Filters the smoke twice so that you get an extra-clean and cool hit of taste.

Bubblers are more than just smoking equipment, as they come in a variety of vibrant hues, intriguing forms, and smoke that generally is directed in an artistically creative manner, creating vortexes and air pockets. This all creates a very soothing and fascinating experience, and it’s much more entertaining to smoke herbal concentrates from these bubblers than from joints or normal pipes.

Bubblers are mistakenly thought to be the same as bongs, but they aren’t. Because of their similar water filtering processes, bubblers and bongs create identical tastes and effects, however because of the proximity from the mouthpiece to the burning herbs in the bowl, they produce significantly different flavors and impacts. The fact that bubblers restrict only smaller draws and that their bowls are generally tiny makes them unique; therefore, you’ll likely need a bubbler several times during a smoking session than a bong can be used just once with a very strong and big hit.

History of Bubblers

The bubbler, which is often referred to as a “bubbler,” was not originally invented. Glass pipes have a long history, dating back to the Egyptians who glazed tiles, created figures, and manufactured beads with it. During the Roman Empire period (30 B.C.), glass pipes were first patented by the Romans, although they had been in use for centuries previous. Bob Snodgrass, a glassblower who worked with the Grateful Dead during the 1970s and 1980s, is credited with inventing the methods used to create glass pipes.

Types of Bubbler Pipes

Bubblers are available in a variety of designs, including the traditional and elegant form. Each has a bowl where herbs may be stored, although the size varies. Every bubbler includes a water chamber, which is what distinguishes it as a bubbler and provides for an easy drinking smooth finish. Last but not least, the stem. Every bubbler pipe features a sturdy stem at the end through which all of the smoke passes after being filtered via the water chamber. These three characteristics will be present in every bubbler, and after that there are a variety of different types of bubblers available to suit various demands. Many bubblers are designed with a visual appeal in mind, some into the form of an animal or abstract forms, while others might be mistaken for decorations or artwork in your home. Bubblers are available in six distinct styles and have various functions, benefits, and aesthetics.

Hammer Bubbler Pipe

The Hammer Bubbler is one of the most popular weed bubbler pipes. The long handle allows more smoke to flow through the stem, which is shaped like a tiny hammer rather than a glass bowl. Hammer Bubblers are made to stand upright without rolling around or falling over even when resting on a flat surface.

Sherlock Bubbler Pipe

The Sherlock Bubbler Pipe is based on the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes from literature. The stem of this weed bubbler is identical to the Hammer, but it features a branded curved “S.”

Sidecar Bubbler Pipe

The most significant feature of the Sidecar Bubbler Pipe is that the stem and mouthpiece are built to the side of the water chamber rather than straight out of it, as is normal for a Hammer pipe. The Sidecar was designed to counteract back splashing from the water chamber, which is a problem with both hammers and sidecars.


The Pendant weed bubbler pipe was built for mobility and discretion. It has a string attachment, allowing it to be draped around your neck or wrist when not in use.

Concentrate Bubbler

The concentrate bubbler, unlike other bubbler pipes, is designed to smoke cannabis concentrates rather than dried flower. It’s the same as a regular bubbler, but with a direct inject. When utilizing a concentrate bubbler, you’ll get additional supplies like as a glass nail and oil dome, which are specialized instruments for dabbing.

Double Bubbler

The name gives the game away. The Double Bubbler Pipe is outfitted with two chambers (duel percolator). This provides for a double filtration system, which cleans the smoke twice and delivers the cleanest and smoothest hit possible through a weed bubbler.

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